Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Supplier For solar Electric Modules

We have just found a great new supplier in the USA for solar electric modules and now we can begin packaging and selling our solar water pumps and solar power modules again. If you wish to sell or purchase these products please contact Walt at .

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bio Diesel and Straight Vegetable Oil Diesel Fuels

During the past several weeks I have received several personal e-mails to my web site from people who are interested in getting into the Bio Diesel Business, and the Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) kit diesel fuel business. Well, I have been tinkering with engines for the past sixty years and I have done more research on the above subjects than I care to remember. The advice that I have been giving people is that I believe that these businesses are both going to emerge as huge sources of income. I believe this so strongly that we have started to manufacture our own line of SVO Dual Fuel components at our factory in India and have already received a very large contract from another country for these kits. Our target was to produce these kits at a very low price and we have accomplished our goal.The advice that I have given out to the folks that have been writing to me is to go to and do the searched for both Bio Diesel and SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) systems. It is an "open source" business at this point and you can find the answers to just about anything you need to know. Also, there is a wonderful book called "Journey to Forever" and you should start by reading it.Just remember one thing though. You can build the best product in the world, but you still have to market it. It's just like my blog here, or my web site. Compared to the entire world of the Internet, only a handful of people know about us. Imagine if we could only reach them all! How you do that is a whole other story!If you have any other thought or questions on these subjects please feel free to contact me. I have included some photos of the SVO kit components. We have not assigned and dealerships yet in the USA. We are planning to do this after we get our present obligations under control in Asia.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

More about the solar energy business

Well it has been a very busy week. We finished up building the new kit for converting diesel engines to burn various vegetable oils etc., and put our new electric scooter into the final testing phase.
I had a call from a gentleman in the Mid West who has has a problem with storm damage on his solar electric system on a remote island in the Carribbean. So, we made him a set of drawings showing him how to rewire the system, and get it back in service. Speaking of service, he was never our customer, but we are helping him anyway. Now he will be our customer in the future! I have experienced this many times before. I always say that you get exactly out of life as much as you put into it. The same rule applies in business! Now this got me to thinking that we should post these diagrams on our web site. That way everyone can refer to them and it will help them solve their problems with solar electric systems.
The solar electric business is really not that complicated. I have it divided into two categories, water pumping and home power supplies for lighting and all the other good home electrical appliances. You can easily teach yourself this business and then all you really need is a good supplier. My rule, by the way, since I got older and wiser, is never try to build what you can buy already manufactured for a reasonable price. That will leave you more time to sell products and make money. If you want to pursue this business further there are thousands of articles on that you can read and become a self taught expert.
The top drawing depicts a series-parralell 12 volt solar module hook up. You may add as many modules as you can afford. The voltage will always be 12 t0 16 volts from the modules, but with the addition of each 12 volt module the charging amperage will increase. Make sure that your voltage regulator will handle the amperage output of the combined solar modules.
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