Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Battery Reconditioning Business by Walter H. Barrett

Many many years ago I got interested in reconditioning lead acid batteries. One of the major reasons that lead acid batteries go dead is sulfation of the lead plates. This is caused by sulfuric acid crystals building up on the lead plates. I don’t think I need to go into a lot more of the scientific details involved except to say that there is a great deal more information about the subject on the Internet if you are really interested.
Reconditioning is different from rebuilding. Rebuilders remove and repair the bad cells in a battery whereas a reconditioner simply follows a series of steps to test a battery to determine if it is rebuildable to begin with. If the tests prove positive for reconditioning, the reconditioner then moves ahead to the next step by adding certain mixtures of chemicals designed to assist in the dissolving of the built up acid crystals on the lead plates. Once the crystals are dissolved through a combination of chemical additives, and the normal recharging process the batteries are ready, after a rigorous load test, to go back into service. Not all lead acid batteries can be reconditioned. Some will fail the load test even after the reconditioning process. This is to be expected, and you can still salvage enough value from the junk batteries to more than make up for the little bit of chemicals that you may have wasted. I have written a free Battery-Reconditioning manual on the subject. If you write to me on this blog I will send you a free electronic copy by e-mail.
Now here comes the warning about getting into the business. I have an over twenty-five-year track record on the formula that I developed for aiding in the reconditioning process. We even give away free samples of our chemicals as long as you pay the postage. We also give full support to our customers. We have letters from satisfied, successful clients. DO NOT INVEST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO GET INTO THE BATTERY RECONDITION BUSINESS. There is no need. You can get started in the business for well under $500.00 on a small scale if you want to get a feel for the business. Frankly, more people fail at it than those who succeed. The reason is that it is hard, heavy, dirty work, and you have to be very careful about acid burns and explosions from accumulated hydrogen gas. Smoking, matches and sparks are definitely no allowed.
Having said all of that, our additive is a dry powder mixture that is very effective in the reconditioning process. We package it both here in the USA and at our facility in India for ease of shipments into Asia and the Pacific communities. We offer full customer support via e-mail seven days a week. You will get assistance if you need it.
YOU MAY REQUEST A FREE RECONDITIONING MANUAL BY WRITING ME AT THIS BLOG. Just don’t waste a lot of money on an expensive battery-rebuilding program until you try us. Do not spend thousands of dollars on equipment. Get your feet wet by starting slow and then grow from there. Try our free chemicals, just pay the postage. Please check out our battery pages here, , and remember, the money that started came from the battery reconditioning business. We are selling a lot of these chemicals every day. If you want to work hard you can make a very good living at it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving From China Depot.Com

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Free Energy For A Vegetable Oil Powered Business by Walter H. Barrett

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of visiting a business in Connecticut that is basically vegetable oil powered. It was a very heartening experience for both my wife Nancy, who came along for the visit, and myself. Nancy and I have both been major proponents of alternate energy for over forty years, and it isn’t every day that we get to actually see a brilliantly designed working system. We were also very impressed with the fact that the place was very neat and clean, especially for a very successful automotive repair shop.
It seems that the owner of the business got very tired of the high energy costs eating up a large chunk of his profits. So he decided to take matters into his own hands, and he has done a remarkable job in three separate areas to save energy. These are the heating of the facility, the electrical power for the facility, and the fuel for the company vehicles. In my judgment, the cost of these modifications is far outweighed by the huge savings he is realizing. Some of the technology used is simple and some is moderately complicated. None of it is overly expensive.
The first, and most obvious, and easiest area is the heating of the building. Being a very successful automotive maintenance, and repair shop there has always been an abundance of waste drain oil from engine oil changes etc. Most garage owners have to pay money to have this oil hauled away. The owner has installed a modified type of oil burner that does a very clean job of burning this waste oil to heat the building for virtually free.
The second item, and the real reason why I was there, was the Straight Vegetable Oil powered 20 KW modified diesel generator. Nancy and I had driven up to deliver one of our custom built heat exchangers used to aid the combustion of SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) and a couple dozen each of oil and fuel filters. When we arrived we could hear the low steady hum of the generator. Our gracious host immediately invited us for a tour of the facility.
The installation was a thing of beauty with a good solid fence to aid in blocking the noise, and an extra muffler bought from a local automotive parts house. Everything was first class.
The silent 20 kW generator happened to be one that was originally sold from our warehouse in RI. I had a lot of questions because it isn’t every day you get to spend time with someone who is actually burning SVO around the clock. Happily, our Host keeps meticulous records on both fuel consumption, and emissions. I was really impressed by the fuel consumption of only one gallon per hour. I expected it to be more due to the size of the generator. It has a very large four cylinder EPA approved Chinese made diesel engine in it. We have actually sold a great many of these units in the 15 KW, and 20 KW size. The thought of burning only twenty-four gallons of free vegetable oil in twenty-four hours is very exciting to me. The engine runs very smooth, and quiet for its size. There are neighbors next door and there have been no complaints. The unit is currently running on used filtered vegetable oil that is normally hauled off from restaurants by disposal companies. It is free for the taking. These savings more than offset the cost of the generator and the modifications to it. A kit to modify this sized unit is less than $600.00.
Now as if we hadn’t seen enough already, we were escorted next into another room where I immediately recognized a Bio Diesel Fuel Processor that is manufactured in Massachusetts by a person that we have also dealt with in the past. Our host explained to us that besides heating the building with a waste oil burner and making all of his electricity with used straight vegetable oil he also runs his diesel trucks, and cars on the bio diesel that he makes right there in the shop! It isn’t every day you see a company solving the high energy cost problem on three major fronts. I have to tell you that Nancy and I were both very excited to see that operation, and everything was working while we were there. Needles to say, we will be going back often to visit that remarkable facility to follow the results.
The owner that he is currently expanding the buildings on the property and will be using the added space to get more involved in the SVO and Bio Diesel Fuel areas. While we were there we looked at a very clean 1977 Mercedes four door sedan that will soon be converted to SVO by installing a dual fuel processor unit. I expect that with his quality of work he will be doing a lot more in that area in the near future as the ever-increasing fuel costs are driving the market in this relatively new business area of opportunity. I would strongly encourage you to investigate this area of the alternate energy business, and if you have any questions please feel free to write to me. You will get an answer. Please send this blog along to your friends. We need to spread the word, and don’t be fooled by low fuel prices as they are only temporary. Don’t wait for the six-dollar a gallon fuel!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Imaginary Airline Business By Walter H. Barrett

I’m writing this because I consider it a good lesson about running a business, large or small. Anyone that knows me well enough also knows that I have a brain wrenching drive to break things down to their most simple terms. I have often been accused of oversimplifying the solutions to problems. My response to them is that my business is going well, how well is yours going?
I am also known by my friends to be “news junkie” in spite of the fact that the news these days infuriates me. It is an addiction that I cannot give up! Well anyway, the news, as biased as it can be at times, is what motivates me to write. It’s the only way I can vent my frustration with many of the daily events.
My latest rant is with the Airline Business. There is a lot of merger talk again. Several airlines appear to be hemorrhaging money. Gee, what a surprise! This is where my terrible trait of oversimplifying things kicks in. Let’s consider some of the following questions nagging at my poor old brain.
The Airlines spend millions, and perhaps billions of dollars every year for advertising. Why is that necessary when you have to fight for a seat to get anywhere these days, and personally, on recent trips my flights have been totally full?
What do they expect the public to think of them when the public (Airline Execs please note that “public” means paying customers”) has to deal with their daily flim flam fair game? How much does it cost to deal out their almost minute-by-minute manipulation of the fairs that appear from the bottom of an endless deck of websites on a daily basis? Then we have the famous situation where you may live on the east coast, and unfortunately a family member living on the west coast suddenly dies. You are choked with grief, and you have to get there right away. So what does your friendly neighborhood Airline do, why they charge you a much higher rate of course! Can you possibly imagine why anyone would get upset about that, because that’s just good business isn’t it? Then there are the higher rates for the holidays. You want to fly back east to visit your poor old mom for the holidays, and money isn’t tight enough these days so these angels of mercy up the rates! I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point. Now here’s where my over simplification come in.
If you keep an honest set of books you know exactly what your expenses are. You also have a very good grip on the average number of people that travel on each of your aircraft every single day of the year. It doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out what it would take as a cost per seat to make a profit every day. It certainly makes a lot more sense than paying for the constant juggling and price manipulation that we have seen every day for years. Someone has to be getting paid for the endless upgrading of the rates on the computers every day and all of the other baloney that goes along with that package. Then there is all of the printing and other promotional crap etc. Imagine what they would save if they just stopped for even a month!
All I am saying is that in any business you have to examine your operating costs, set a fair price for your product, and keep your customers happy. I blame it on the business schools. The graduates that have been emerging from these factories of fantasy (staffed mostly by people that couldn’t last six month running a business on their own today) Think that all you have to do is spend two million dollars on a Super Bowel ad, and the public will beat a path to their door and throw money at them. That is an unrealistic and dangerous attitude. You don’t stay in business by wasting your money. If people are standing in line for seats,why spend so much money on advertising,and flim flam promotions? My short summary of the Airline Business is “different strokes for different folks”, and I am sorry for that trite expression, but it’s the only appropriate phrase I can think of this morning. It’s like buying a car. I hate going to a car dealership because it’s the same deal. No two prices are ever the same. You have to negotiate with people who are constantly trying to “handle” you and I don’t like it. We are all looking for a fair deal when we do business. We don’t need people who can’t manage their businesses, and who can’t take a stand when it comes to profitable pricing policies, screwing with our heads. It seems that our business schools are producing marketing and accounting people who are too smart for their own good, and think it’s ok to operate in the gray areas of business. We’ve seen a lot of that lately. When you are running a business you don’t let your competitions’ suicide pricing gimmicks run you into bankruptcy, You don’t throw money at a problem, you don’t believe everything they told you in business school, (if your professor was so smart, why wasn’t he or she rich?), and most of all, you don’t take it out on your customers. There is a framework of rules to follow. It is the same for any business and when you deviate, you die!
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bringing Manufacturing Back To America by Walt Barrett

In 1995 I retired, and six months later I was bored out of my mind! So I started the process of deciding what I could do for a new business because everyone knows that you don't hire a sixty-two year old that is virtually ready for the slagheap according to the new American business Standards. I couldn't buy a decent job! It's really fun to be interviewed by a twenty-eight year old "Human Resource Person" who treats you like you are already laid out for viewing! Then you get the inevitable code words, "Your really overqualified for the job." In business speak that means "your really too old to work here with our young geniuses that know everything about everything, but can't get to work on time!" This is one of the main reasons why people in my category start their own businesses. We get tired of the insulting interviews, and just being a number in a big corporation that really doesn’t treat you like a “human resource” at all. So having said all that to define my personal reasons, and get it off my chest, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of what I see in the not so distant future.
You are probably thinking "why is this guy talking about bringing manufacturing back to America when he makes his living from China and India?" Well, as Elvis said to his many leading ladies in every single one of his movies "Please let me explain!" After contacting many USA manufacturers and distributors of the type of products that I wanted to sell, I found it impossible to purchase these products at a reasonable or competitive wholesale price basis. In many cases we were totally locked out of the market due to agreements between the manufacturers, and the retailers. That is the short version of why I went into importing. I simply had no choice.
Now, why do we have to bring manufacturing back to the good old USA? The simple answer is because we need the jobs, and most importantly, the security! (If world war three started tomorrow we would be totally screwed!) In the long run, the job situation could resolve itself, but that would be a very painful process, and could take many years. It would not solve our grave security problems.
We know that many US companies fled our country because of unions, and our "inconsiderate" government wouldn't let them pollute our rivers and atmosphere here, and “regulated them to death.” Their solution was to flee to China,(virtually unregulated pollution wise) and help China grow their giant economy to the point where they practically own the twenty-first century. We were told that our new global economy was a "good thing" and that we "had to do it" if we were to remain a "World Power." So we sacrificed untold thousands of small and medium sized business and God only knows how many jobs. So go tell the unemployed that the new economy is "good for us." The real truth is that it's only good for big business, and the guys who receive the campaign contributions from big business! The rest of us little guys have been forced to go along with the big guys, and pick up the crumbs because we cant afford the campaign contributions (legal bribes), and do the best we can to support our families. In the long run, the only thing that free trade will do is to lower the standard of living for the working, and middle classes in the USA. Free trade is just business speak for non-regulation and child labor.
There are only two ways to break the cycle. One way is to wait until there are so many unemployed that there isn't enough money left in the economy to purchase even the cheapest of foreign goods. Many economists would tell you that will never happen. Well maybe they weren’t alive like I was in the nineteen thirties. It wasn't fun! There was never enough food and we nearly froze to death in the winter. I find it interesting, and very sad that here in New England we have many people living under those same circumstances again. It seems we never learn. If you want to know the future just look back. We just keep making the same mistakes over and over. If we only had the money, and the talented people we wasted on “excursions” to other countries. Is it really our job to “save the world?”
Well now it is time to start looking at solutions to the problem. I don't think we can depend on the government to solve the problem. I think it is up to us private individuals to bring the jobs back to America because I don’t think we can regulate them back.
There are several other reasons to manufacture your new products here. First of all you can maintain much better control of your quality, and you better do that if you want to survive. Secondly, if you send a new product to China you can bet that within a year there will be a hundred other companies in China building it, and underselling you, and you wont be able to stop them! Employees desert their employers there every day and take millions of dollars in ideas and new business with them. Everyone in China wants to start his or her own business, one way or the other, and there are practically no business ethics at all among their entire business community. We once had a company there take a multimillion-dollar order and cut us right out of it. I have never been lied to by so many people so often, it's worse than the USA at election time!
Ok, enough bellyaching, this is my solution. We have started manufacturing some products in the USA on our own. We could not have started this project without the money that we made from the import business. Now it’s time to put some of it back into our own economy. Yes, it is going to cost us more for our labor, but I have found that there is an offsetting factor, which is the cost of shipping from China and India, and also the fees charged by the customs agents to do the related paperwork. Then there is the trucking from the ports to the final destination. If you take all of these factors into consideration, the prospects of success are excellent. Of course, you also have to have a high quality, reasonably price product that is going to be in demand by a lot of consumers.
Our first products are solar water pumping systems and straight vegetable oil fuel processors for diesel engine dual fuel conversion. Interestingly enough, we are exporting these products. It seems that most other countries are more interested in alternate energy than our country is at the present time.
We are going to continue to seek out new and interesting products that we can manufacture in the USA. An interesting sidelight is that we still have to buy certain components in China and India because they are simply not available here, and we can’t afford to set up to build them yet, but we will in the future.
In closing I would like to say that we feel that it is our duty to make as many of our products as possible here in the USA. I personally don’t think we should depend on the government to do anything about cheap imports because too many giant corporations (The current real owners of our government) won’t let them. It’s up to us as usual! I would like to comment that although we have a great many problems in our country that I have not found a better place in which to live yet. As a United States Air Force veteran of the Korean War I consider myself a very patriotic person. I’m just getting tired of the bullshit!

* As an added note, I would like to comment that the recent "blood Bath" in the November elections just bears out what I have to say. The American people are tired of the con jobs, and self serving crap the politicians are handing out!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Gee, What a Coincidence!

Like the man once said, "I heard the news today O-boy." I turned on the TV this morning only two days after the election results and the first thing I heard was "Oil prices are rising again"; Gee,what a coincidence. It seems to me I've heard that song before! I just want to remind anyone that happens to read this that we have to get serious about alternate fuel systems and saving energy in general. The alternate energy business is one of the few businesses where you can help people, and make a good living at the same time. I hate to keep ragging on this subject, but we have to make people listen right now! High priced energy is bad for both businesses and us ordinary private citizens that are trying to survive out here in the land of the non privlidged. It's bad enough that we are paying drug companies up to 8000 percent profit for our daily ration of pills to keep us alive, we also have to endure the games of the energy companies. There is hope however as we witnessed last Tuesday. The people spoke for better or for worse. That will remain to be seen. In the meantime, I am saying to you that you cannot depend on anyone else to solve your energy problems. Personally, I am a war veteran/senior citzen, and have long since learned that you cannot depend on the government or big business for anything except to screw with you. They only make things worse. You can only depend on yourself in this life so you better start thinking about how you can solve the energy problems. You could even get rich in the process. Just remember that no one else outside your immediate family really cares about you,or what happens to you. It will be up to us little guys that come up with the right solutions to energy independence. Please start thinking about it -- invent something - anything!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Alternate Fuel Business

I haven't had a lot of time to dedicate to my writing lately. I have been traveling a lot, and also very busy designing and building prototype fuel processors for alternate fuels etc. We are working on several large contracts. We expect to go to full time manufacturing of many of these systems in the next thirty to sixty days here in the USA.
I sincerely hope that no one is being fooled by the current drop in fuel prices. I am convinced that it is only temporary and I advise you to get into the alternate energy business, even as a sideline, if you are interested in making a lot of money in the future. As usual, my advice is not to give up your day job! These things take time and patience. If you start now, you will be ready when the prices hit the fan next time.
We would appreciate your comments.