Sunday, June 29, 2008

Building The Low Cost Micro Home Work Day Four By Walt Barrett

Today was another part time day for John and I to work on the Micro Home. We did manage to get the sub floor glued and screwed down. The home is not close to a power source so we purchased an 18 volt battery operated Skil screw driver gun and it did a terrific job! We also managed to get to the Home Depot and purchased four Anderson windows. and pick out a door. This will enable me to lay out the exterior walls including the rough openings for the windows and doors. This morning I will purchase about thirty-five pieces 2"x4"x8' lumber to frame the walls and have some extras for temporary wall bracing. We are using only the best grade lumber. There is a progress photo attached. Our model home is a totally autonomous off the grid home. However, it will have a two burner cook stove that will run from the smaller size propane bottle. Electricity and jot water will be solar. There is a shower and composting toilet. We plan to mass produce several sizes and styles if there is enough interest in the product. We are aiming at sharply reduced prices compared the the current Micro Homes we have seen on the Internet. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in Low Cost Micro Homes. Please tell your friends about this project blog. We are going for A Micro Home at Micro Cost.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Micro Home Floor Platform Working Day Three by Walt Barrett

In spite of the extremely bad weather we managed to set up the foundation platform for the micro cube home today. Tomorrow we will put in the blocking between the floor joists to keep them from twisting and then we will glue and screw the floor down. We are very excited about the project and the progress we are making in spite of the very bad weather. We will probably get the four walls and the roof up over the weekend. We used all pressure treated 2 x 6 lumber for the base platform. We are going first class quality all the way! Imagine how much easier it will be on our new assembly line! This is just a stick build test project.
John And i can only spare a few hours a day because keeps us very busy. We hope to create a lot of jobs in our community by building these homes here in the USA.
We are very interested in your comments, good or bad, and your suggestions or ideas.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Micro Home Site Prep II by Walt Barrett

Please click on the photos to enlarge them.

Well yesterday John and I did most of the site preparation. The display model of our new micro home product is 8' x 8' and the site needed leveling off before we can set the foundation blocks. We purposely did the work by hand using pick, shovel, hoe, and wheel barrow. Although we own a large tractor and equipment distributorship we opted to do the work ourselves by hand to show our potential customers for the homes that you don't have to spend a lot of money on site prep. We are firm believers in "sweat equity." That's the way my parents built their home in 1929-1932 and we all lived very happily there for many years.
Our thinking is that if we are going to build and market these micro homes we need to show our potential customers how doable the project really is without a lot of expensive equipment. I am attaching the photos from yesterday's work that my son John and I did together on the site prep.

John is the CEO of .
Hard work never killed anyone!
The next installment will show us setting the foundation blocks and laying down the sill. We are stick building our demo model, but are going to build all future models on an assembly line.More coming soon.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Micro Home Progress - Site Preperation by Walt Barrett

We will continue to publish reports on the construction of our new Micro Home model. It is all solar and totally off the power grid.
Yesterday I personally took time out from the office to clear the space and stake off the area so the grade can be set and the foundation blocks can be set in place. I will personally build the unit with the assistance of My son John Barrett who is now the CEO of , leaving me the time to develop new projects such as our Micro Home program.
I have included photos of the Micro Home lot and the views from the lot.
When the home is completed it will be open for inspection to the public by appointment, and we will be taking orders for completed units built on the new assembly line we are planning if the home is accepted by the buying public.
The model home is 8' long and 8' wide. We can offer many sizes including the 8' X 8' cube off grid economy model. Stay with us for weekly postings including photos.
Yes, it overlooks a lake!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Free Battery Reconditioning Training Program by Walt Barrett

For those of you that are interested in our free battery reconditioning program, this is the link to the free video.
It is the full explanation and runs close to ten minutes.
If you would like to receive the full training manual in a printable word file via email then click here and request it. .
This program is sponsored in full by our parent company
A to Z Global Marketing Inc.
A to Z Global Marketing Inc is the owner of the web site .
This training program is 100% free with no obligations. Our soul purpose is to familiarize the public with our reconditioning product. You may obtain a free sample by simply paying the shipping costs. Ordering may be accomplished at our EBay store, just Google "china-depot-100" . We accept Pay Pal and there is a shipping calculator on the store site.
Remember, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to get started in the battery reconditioning business. We'll show you how to get the necessary battery charger and testers for under $500.00, and you don't have to buy them from us. We just want to sell you our additive that has been proven successful for over 25 years..
Let us put you in business!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A to Z Global Marketing To Mass Produce Micro Homes starting around $10,000.00 by Walt Barrett

Well this has been a while in coming, but the time has finally arrived. A to Z Global Marketing Inc, the parent company of is building a test model of a totally off the grid Solar Micro Home. The proof of concept model will be evaluated and used to solicit orders. These units will be trucked over the road at eight feet wide, and lengths from eight, ten, twelve, fourteen and sixteen feet will be available. Electricity and hot water will be provided by solar energy. Heat will be passive solar with a small backup heater for inclement weather. If a realistic demand is proven an assembly line will be set up for the mass production of the units. Prices for the tiny solar homes will start in the ten thousand dollar range plus delivery, or may be picked up at the factory. Prices could come down as the sales and production increase. These units will be built entirely in the USA using green energy materials. The model home project is currently underway and mass production could start as early as September if the model home proves marketable. Current housing costs for both rental and purchase make it impossible for huge number of working class couples and singles to afford a decent place to live. If you add the current high prices of heat, fuel, and electricity it is virtually impossible for most American workers to ever rent, or own decent housing. People living in the colder climates like New England are looking at impossible winter energy costs, and the prices of fuel and electricity are still climbing. Unfortunately, wages have failed to keep up with these ever-rising costs. Therefore we have decided to use our considerable technology to provide an autonomous home at the lowest possible price.

The project will be financed totally with China Depot's considerable profits from the global sale of tractors, generators and other products, and the EBay store China-Depot-100 a large part of which will now be used to benefit low-income American workers and retirees. Interested parties should contact Walter H. Barrett for more details, or to get on a special mailing list progress report. We also invite your comments and suggestions.
It’s about time we took a whole new approach to housing for the masses. without price gouging and excess profits. It’s not about the money. It’s about the people.