Saturday, January 24, 2009

Energy Saving Product Profits To Go To Micro and Autonamous Home R & D and Production. by Walt Barrett

We are announcing today that 100% of the profits from all of our energy saving products and micro home plans will be invested in our Micro and Autonomous Home project with the goal of providing low cost energy, free affordable homes. Here is a little more background, and explanation of our on going project below.
An autonomous home is an energy free home that takes care of you instead of you taking care of it. It powered by solar, wind, or hydro depending on the circumstances.
The light emitting diode (LED) light bulb and Solar Power Systems
One of the most important spin off products as a result of our autonomous micro home research project is the light emitting diode lighting system. These light bulbs are available in 12 volt DC, 120 Volts A/C to 240 volts A/C. The latest models have an energy savings in equivalent light for a 100 watt reading lamp of 96%. This has huge implications to the power industry and to people living "off the power grid." These LED bulbs will drastically reduce the number of solar power modules required on any autonomous home, thus lowering the cost. Now, let's take a look at the general population. Suppose we take 100 million homes and put just one LED 100 watt equivalent bulb in each household. This LED bulb actually draws4 watts of power from the grid to equal 100 watts in Light or lumins. That is a savings of 96%.That is 96 watts X 100 million homes, or 9600 million watts from only one light bulb per home!Imagine if it was twenty of these LED bulbs per home. That is 20 X 9600 million watts. The savings in money and energy are incredible. Now let's just imagine that our 100 million homes have just enough solar electric modules to provide the lighting only. The cost of producing just a few hundred watts a day per residence is less than $1000.00 per home just for lighting.The system consists of one solar electric module with charging regulator, two solar storage batteries, a 120 volt inverter if you use 120 volt bulbs, and there is enough back up powering the batteries to charge a cell phone, and run a computer or TV for reasonable amounts of time. Just imagine, all that from a 100 to 150 watt solar electric module Producing about 1 KW per day average. Now, it is common knowledge that our company, A to Z Global Marketing, AKA, A 100% American owned company has already invested thousands of dollars in autonomous micro home research with the intention of mass producing micro and medium size homes at the lowest possible prices ever. This is possible by using the latest material science research and advanced mass production technology. Our main goals are:
1. To provide the lowest comparable affordable housing costs in history.
2. To save huge amounts of energy.
3. To provide employment locally by building regionalized assembly plants.
4. To be the greenest business possible.With these goals in mind, we are announcing today that 100% or all the profits derived from the sale of LED solar lighting systems, and our solar water pumping and power systems will allocated to our Micro and autonomous solar home project. Our goal is to get into mass production as soon as possible. We will also allocate 100% of the profits from the sale of micro home plans into the micro home R&D and assembly plant program. These homes will vary in size from 128 square feet to 700 square feet.We sincerely hope that our loyal readers will pass this information along to as many people as possible. We need to turn things around in this economy and to help as many of our fellow Americans find employment and housing as soon possible.
Please pass this blog information to your friends as we only have a fraction of the people who can benefit from the information on these blogs. There are micro home details and photos on this blog. We are now offering detailed construction plans for sale.
Walt Barrett President
A to Z global Marketing Inc. A 100% owned American Corporation

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Micro Home and Related Energy Systems Going Into Production by Walt Barrett

Well I have been enjoying my yearly vacation in Florida, and have finally felt rested enough to do a little writing again.I am looking forward to getting back to work in February and going into production of our micro home and related systems like the continuous composting toilet, Solar 120 volt AC LED lighting system, grey water irrigation disposal system,and the solar hot water heater, and heat storage systems. Our goals are a home that is totally off the power grid, and to create jobs locally in the communities where the home will be produced. Another important goal is to mass produce these homes at prices so low that any working person or family will find then easily affordable. We are currently investigating all of the most modern building materials and building methods that we can find and would appreciate any suggestions from our readership.There is one major bump in the road that we are currently investigating, and that is the minimum square footage requirements found in most local building codes. These codes as currently written virtually force you to waste materials,and energy by setting minimum home sizes. Although minimum home construction standards are required it is my opinion that the minimum size standards tend to be over regulation. Quality, air circulation, sewer, water and safety,are one thing, but for example, two people do not require 1000 square feet of living space in most cases, as compared to sleeping in a shelter or under a bridge. It's time the local governments "get real" on that subject!The systems that we have designed for our micro home will also be the way of the future because they save billions of dollars in wasted energy, water usage, sewerage disposal, and trash disposal. We are currently working on a near zero trash output per home and total recycling of all waste food products within the home. Actually, the technology for all this is simple, but the problem is getting people to use it. We can accomplish this by tying it to both saving and making money.I would like to close today by telling you that I am currently outlining the first book of which I hope will be a series of them,God willing, about new life styles, home, healthier ways of living, risk free saving for retirement, and starting green businesses's, especially those you and do from home. I hope you will follow along with me on this green journey, and perhaps write to me with suggestions and gripes etc. Let's all think about changing the world for the better!
Walt Barrett

Friday, December 26, 2008

Finding A Micro Home Friendly Location by Walt Barrett

Designing and building our new product The Autonomous Micro Home was a relatively simple project. We have even spun off some great green products that we are already selling. Now we have begun phase two and we need your help. It seems that that most cities and towns have minimum sizes for residences. Some popular minimums are 700 to 1000 square feet. Well with homes starting as small as 128 square feet, the micro home is left way out in left field so to speak. Frankly, I don't have time to take on every city and town in America so I am going to do the next best thing which is to ask anyone who reads this blog, and knows of a city or town That does allow micro homes down to 128 square feet in size to be built to please let us know. It could mean a new industry, and new jobs to that community. We have determined that is is less expensive to build micro homes locally in micro factories than to pay the over the road shipping costs. It also allows you to build them more than 8 feet wide, and there's nothing like the advantage of providing jobs for the local workers, many of whom could become customers themselves.
So we are asking that if you do know of micro home friendly zoning codes in any area of the country to please share that information with us, and also consider the possibility of becoming the builder dealer for our totally off the power grid micro homes.
Happy Holidays!