Thursday, February 26, 2009

Micro Home Plans from Walt barrett

This is an eight foot by sixteen foot micro home plan. There are a total of 46 pages of drawings , All elevations, foundation plans,saw cutting angles and a complete bill of materials. The whole package on a CD is $495.00 and we can quote larger and smaller sizes.
Any questions,
Contact Walt @

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Solar Factory Tour by Walt Barrett

Hurras Solar America is offering solar hot water heating systems starting at $199.00 plus shipping. For full price lists contact

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your Last Chance To Own An Exclusive Solar Heating And Hot Water Dealership by Walt Barrett

We have just founded Hurras Solar America and we are offering exclusive dealerships in the USA, Mexico, Central and South America and the entire Caribbean. This equipment will never be sold customer direct in any area where we have a distributor. This is a great business opportunity, and a chance to lock into your own exclusive area. Complete system prices start as low as $225.00 plus shipping from factory to dealers for non freezing climates.
We are not gouging like some are. Get in on the leading edge this time!
Anyone wishing more information should contact Walt Barrett at:

A New Solar And Green Living Discussion Group by Walt Barrett

We have started a very successful "Solar Living" and "Green Living" discussion group at: The group is growing at nearly one new member per hour. We are discussing DIY and all things solar. We invite you to join and participate with both questions and ideas about solar. Several people have already complained about the high cost of solar equipment so I am discussing DIY systems. You may start your own discussion about solar there if you wish.
Although I have recently formed, I will not be discussing it on the discussion site, and we do not want anyone selling on the site. Also, we have no affiliation whatsoever with the companies advertising in the margins of the discussion pages. The advertising is the price we pay for the free server space. There is no need to pay for solar heating plans as the Internet is loaded with free information. Also, I taught solar classes for many years in the local colleges, and tech schools, and will do my best to answer all questions.
Please consider joining this new site.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Living A Greener Life Style by Walt Barrett

It's no secret that Americans use a great deal more energy than other countries do, and that we live in homes that in many cases are much larger than necessary. But then, many people just do not care, and go on like the energy is going to last forever. I recently heard from one of our town workers that in one of our upscale neighborhoods these outstanding pillars of our community are refusing to separate their cans, bottles and paper for the recycle trash pick up. Well my reaction to that was to just leave it sitting on the curb until it rots, and let them sort it out then. Now there's a treat for them!
Things have really changed. When I was a kid we composted the garbage in the garden, and turned most of the in the glass bottles for their two cent and five cent deposits and sold the metal and rags to a scrap dealing old man that came around in a horse an wagon. His little one horse business, BTW, became a monster corporation dealing in scrap metals and recyclables. I'm sure his heirs love him for that! My point being that refuse is worth money, and my Mom really depended on the extra cash she picked up each month from the “rag man” as we used to call him. That was the nineteen thirties and now it's 2009, and we in our infinite wisdom have a better idea. We bury our trash which is just like taking a handful of money and flushing it right down the toilet every day! We also make bottles and bags from plastic which use up a lot of resources that are getting scarce. I'll tell you one thing, anyone that is out of work right now should look into recycling because there is a lot of money to be had if you sell at the market prices. Imagine how much money your city or town would save if there wasn't any trash pick up. It's you tax money paying for it and who isn't tired of high taxes?
Well I just keep thinking that better life styles, recycling, smaller homes, micro homes, energy conservation, solar electric and solar hot water heating are not such a bad way to go. This country has millions of people that are barely scraping by. It's no secret that if you live greener, you can retire greener, if you know what I mean. In the meantime, you can get by on a lot less money if you live the greener life style. Why live in a home that costs a fortune in energy costs when you can just a easily live in a home that is energy autonomous and puts money in your pocket? Well it's easier said than done, but if things start right, they end right.
The answer is build a smaller home and using our modern technology, make it off the power grid. Smaller home initially cost less money to build, and with the solar electric equipment and Led light bulbs you can light your home with just a few solar modules. The old ways of building homes and providing utilities are rapidly becoming obsolete. American ingenuity is rapidly taking over and changing things dramatically.
It's bad enough that we have the number of poor people on welfare and unemployed in this country that we do, and God bless them through no fault of their own in many cases, but the ultimate insult is that many of the poor are actually over weight, and poor because they never learned how to budget their money, grocery shop or eat properly. Just watch them at the cash register. They are the ones at the register with a carriage full of soda, sugar coated cereal, potato chips, Junk food, watered down “fruit drink” and a carton of cigarettes at $60.00 a carton, paying with food vouchers, or food stamps. I do not believe that the food stamps or food vouchers will pay for the cigarettes, at least not in my state. So they really have to earn that cigarette money. The diet of the poor and the cigarette smoking is a guarantee of major health problems down the road. No only can our kids not read write properly today. They have never even learned to eat properly, or budget their money. All this from a school system with a never ending demand for “more money” so our kids can receive a “quality education,” yeah right! How about teaching people to really be able to read and write, do math and keep track of their money, and live a better life style. Is that asking too much?
Think about living a greener life style for the sake of your health and your financial future, and ask yourself, what is my plan to survive when the heating oil and gasoline is ten dollars a gallon? Remember the three little pigs!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Solar Steam Water Pump Diagram Free by Walt Barrett

I recently commented on an energy news letter I receive from Africa that back in 1973 I had designed and built a solar steam powered shallow well water pump that ran off of a double glazed flat plate solar collector, and that no one was interested at the time, so I put it on the shelf. Well believe it or not, after all these years, I have just received a flood of mail from all over the world. It is so much less expensive to build, and can benefit so many people that I decided a long time ago to give the idea away free to anyone that asked for it. It's very simple and has no moving parts. It's just another way of saying thanks for our continued success in business. Anyone desiring a copy of the file should contact me. I do not want these plans to ever be sold! That is the only condition to the offer. There are several ways to improve the performance too, so please use your imagination. For the free info please write to me at:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hurras Solar America by Walt Barrett

Hurras Solar America, a division of A to Z Global Marketing Inc, is on line as of today. . The new solar division will market solar hot water heating, and solar home heating systems to North America, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and South America.
We will be establishing dealerships for the sales, parts distribution, installation and service of Hurras America Solar Energy Systems.
We are now accepting applications for dealerships.
Please view the web site to view this exciting solar energy product line. I personally guarantee our dealers the lowest prices and the highest quality.
Dealer Applicants should contact Walt Barrett At:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Payback From A Green Company by Walt Barrett

Many of you already know that we also operate a very successful automotive battery recycling company. We can barley keep up with our chemicals restorer sales and the growth has been astronomical.
Well we really appreciate all that business and think we have found one way to give a little back. We have been donating to for quite some time now. That was our first attempt at giving some back. Now, in addition to that we have started a brand new web site called It's hard to get a web domain name these days, and that is the best we could do. The new site is world-wide and allows anyone to buy or sell any kind of motor vehicle absolutely free. This includes private parities, dealers and manufacturers from all over the world. This will allow all of the above people to save some money. Now who doesn't want to save money?
Right now we have just started the site and it is a small beginning, but these things have a way of growing. The site is fully search able and Photos are allowed. The main thing, like any other free service, is that people have to find out about it. We would really appreciate it if you could tell your friends about our new free service.
There are no charges ever!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Solar Hot Water Heating Dealerships Available by Walt Barrett

The above cold climate system is one of our new split solar antifreeze systems.
The above non freezing climate system Batch system is just one of the many systems that we now have dealerships available for. It is a Batch type thermosiphoning type system that does not require any power. It is our smallest system, and it is available in larger sizes. The system shown has a glass tube solar collector, but we also sell the flat plate solar collectors.
We are currently offering these units to people who want to be dealers only because they must be shipped by 20' container loads minimum. There are 12 to 32 systems in a 20' container depending on which systems are ordered. Solar systems must ship by container loads because the staff at the shipping companies where the shipments are on loaded and off loaded are very careless in their handling of loose freight.
Serious dealer requests should be addressed to me at this site. Batch systems start at $599.00 delivered to Miami as an example. Batch systems are for non freezing climates only.
I will be posting more photos and specs very soon.
In the 1970's we manufactured, sold, and installed hundreds of solar systems both for hot water and for heating, including water to water and water to air heat pumps. This business flourished for many years until the solar tax credits were abolished under the Reagan administration. We hope to see some new tax incentives to help Americans save energy, and save money.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Micro Home Plans from A to Z Global Marketing Inc by Walt Barrett

Well we had our big meeting today, and have worked out the details for the sale of plans for the various sized micro homes. Our plans are very thorough and do not leave any room for guess work especially for the inexperienced DIY market. Plus we are offering customer support by email only as with all of our products since 1996 on the Internet. Our decisions etc. are below.

Your comments are invited.



What you get with our plans.
1. Isometric Drawings
2. Finished Elevations
3. Detailed Frame Elevations
4. Cutting schedule sheets with all cutting angles to set the saw at.
5. Two footing plan choices.
A: Regular footings
B: Slab
6. Window and Door schedule
7. Alternate Gambrel roof design for more head room
8. A full bill of materials
These plans represent many hours of work and consist of approximately 40 pages of professional drawings done on a CAD program by a professional. As usual, we are available by email for technical support for those who need it. These plans will save you a great deal of mistakes and wasted lumber. We even tell you what size nails, screws, nuts and bolts etc to use. If you are not a professional you will REALLY need this information.
They will easily pay for themselves the first two weeks of construction. We know by our own experiences.
If you would like a larger or smaller home based on our off the power grid energy saving home designs please write to us at and we will arrange to discuss it with you. Our customer service is the very best. We cater to the DIY market and understand your problems. We make micro home building simple.
We can also offer you pre cut kits and knocked down panelized versions of our homes to reduce shipping costs and make your job even more simple.
The complete detailed set of construction plans for the sixteen foot micro home are $495.00 delivered electronically or on a DVD disk.

Low Cost Micro Homes & Financing by Walt Barrett

Now that I am back from my film expedition to the Florida Everglades, and have tied up a few loose ends I am ready to move forward with the Micro Home Project. We would like to start full production in April so we will spend the next nine weeks try to find customers that are willing to purchase one of our homes. This will be a simple task in the current economy, but there is one thing that might help. I have been reading most of the big time green web sites whom never ever give us a mention by the way, and they are pushing several companies that are offering 80 square foot micro homes for up to $40,000.00, lol! That is $500.00 a square foot. Come on guys, let's get real! The 128 square foot model that we have already built and shown on this web site with a shower composting toilet and solar 120 volt A/C lighting system or 12 volt DC, your choice, will sell for $9995.00 plus shipping. That is $78.00 a square foot and at that price will be easier to finance than an automobile. We may even carry the paper our self if it is legal. The power pack for the LED lighting system will also support a TV, Computer, Cell phone, and radio. We will assembly line produce these units in either Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts to begin with depending on tax breaks etc., but will be seeking assemblers in other states if the business picks up. We are also going to build larger sizes that are all energy efficient and off the power grid if the clients desire them. In summary, the entire project is very flexible and really depends on the market place.
I would like to ask that if you know anyone interested in any aspect of this project or if you are yourself, please contact me. We are not asking for investors as I am personally financing the entire project. One of our main goals is to put some Americans back to work.
Any inputs from you would be very helpful.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Checking The Water Level In Sealed Automotive Batteries by Walt Barrett

In the process of reconditioning failed Sealed Lead Acid automotive batteries we have found that many were very low on water. Most people say that this is due to overcharging, and boiling of the electrolyte. This makes it highly advisable to check the charging rate of your alternator. If a battery is allowed to run low on water it is most likely the finish of that battery unless you catch it before the plates are above the level of the electrolyte. The problem is that sealed batteries have no ports to allow you to check the levels. One way we have found to get around this is to remove the battery and place it on the work bench in a darkened area. If you then hold a bright light behind the battery you can see the partitions, the plates, and the electrolyte levels in each cell. This usually works with black colored batteries also because they are usually only translucent when you inspect them with a bright light in back of them. It's almost like an Xray.
Now ,if you find the levels are too low but the battery is not ruined yet we offer a stop drill to drill service holes in each cell without ramming the plates. We also offer the battery tune up chemical additives, and plastic sealing caps to seal the drill holes which may be opened again for future inspection. Only do this after determining that the battery still is salvageable.
This tip can save you a great deal of money, and who isn't interested in saving money? Don't forget to check the charging rate in case it is what is causing the problem.
Personally, I'm not crazy over sealed batteries and am in the process of gathering consumer information on their failure rates as compared to the more serviceable batteries with inspection and filling caps.
For free Battery service training manuals and video training downloads please contact me at:

Buy or sell Automobiles and Trucks on our new totally free photo classified ads at Sponsored by our battery restoration chemicals division.

World-Wide Free Motor Vehicle Advertising For All by Walt Barrett

A to Z Global Marketing Inc, Web site .
has started a free world-wide motor vehicle classified with photo advertising web site for both dealers and private individuals. This in in appreciation of the massive response to our Automotive Battery Restoration Chemicals from both private individuals, automobile dealers, and truck dealers. We accept both vehicle Wanted and vehicle For Sale ads.

We offer the advantage of listing world-wide with just a single ad. List as many as you like.

The site is fully searchable, and should grow to a considerable size in due time as people find it.

Registration is required, but is totally free. We are offering this service to assist everyone in these troubled financial times. There is a sample ad on the brand new site and the instructions are easy to follow. Please register now and be the first in your area, and please tell your friends. Your comments will be appreciated. The address is:

Motor Vehicles Only, All Others Will Be Removed. We are not affiliated with any of the sellers, and are not responsible for quality, or any financial scams. The usual precautions should be taken to protect yourselves. All email and other information is automatically confidential.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A to Z Global's Battery Restoration Chemical Business Booming by Walt Barrett

The automotive lead acid battery restoration business is booming!
Our current daily sales of the restoration chemicals are exceeding last years total sales by 100% of the year's sales every day. This is an unheard of growth rate. We credit the Internet for the current sales explosion of this 25 year old proven product. Our videos on and are experiencing thousands of views. We also credit our no gimmick approach to the business. Our training video and training manual are free in the form of down loadable files. You may also view the video at:

Just write to me at for these downloads. We also offer free samples if you pay the postage.

Our dry chemical formula is totally different than any other product that we have seen on the market. Many people have mentioned EDTA to us, but we do not use EDTA. Our product "unlocks" the potential unused energy in any battery that passes our simple testing methods with out the use of expensive high tech testing instruments. Also you need is a simple old fashioned battery load tester and a volt meter to test your batteries. These units will not make explosive sparks if you always clamp to the positive battery terminal first and remove the positive clip last when finished testing.

Batteries should also be tested in a well ventilated area. You can always aim an electric fan from a few feet away over the battery to be tested if you are concerned about gases.

The bottom line is that thousands of dollars are being saved, or earned by auto battery recycling. We invite you to contact us to get started in this business or just to do your own battery restoration. We will send you enough free chemical to do one battery if you simply pay the shipping costs. Just click here

The FREE kit includes chemicals for two batteries, six plastic caps for sealed batteries, and a free manual. The postage is only $13.95 for the entire package shipping and packing.

When you consider that a new battery can cost up to $125.00 or more, this is a really great offer, and could launch you into a great part of full time business.


You may contact me personally at:



Monday, February 02, 2009

A to Z Global Marketing is selling Micro Homes, and LED Lighting systems by Walt Barrett

We are now offering LED lighting products for both solar powered and grid powered lighting systems. LED Bulbs are available in 12 volt DC or 120 volt AC versions. We offer 12 volt powered inverters to convert 12 Volts DC to 120 volts A/C so that an off the grid home can power a TV, Computer, and cell phone easily. We can provide complete systems for micro homes, summer cabins, and other off the grid buildings. These smaller systems are very inexpensive compared to the systems required to power the larger energy wasting residences.
We are also seeing clients interested in our micro homes.
Anyone interested in discussing these homes or systems and the various options and costs should contact .