Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Movie From Mark Becker

My Power from Free to Adventure on Vimeo.

Mark Becker is a new friend of ours from South Africa and is very much off the power grid.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Solar energy DOA -- What goes around comes around by Walt Barrett

Solar Energy DOA – What Goes Around Comes Around by Walt Barrett
I have studied solar energy since 1950, and have found that it is a fairly simple and practical science in most cases, like home heating and hot water heating. However, it does get more complicated which translates into expensive when used to make electricity.
I actually went into the solar hot water and heating business in 1973, and hung on until 1983. I would describe the business as only a fair performer, and it took massive income tax credits just to put the business on break even basis. I sold all of my manufacturing equipment and walked away in disgust. We were only one among hundreds of US companies that did exactly the same, and some of them had plenty of money, and could have afforded to hang in. Solar Heating and hot water systems have failed to become a mass market product. We have had thirty-six years to benefit from the lessons of the 1973 energy crisis, but it would appear that we have not learned a thing.
I really made a big mistake by believing that solar was going to be the next big thing when I decided to go into to solar energy business in 1973. I had also considered going into the computer manufacturing business instead. I had been studying electronics since the late nineteen forties, and had both military electronics training, and college courses under my belt. Well I chose solar instead because of all the energy shortages talk and then the actual energy crisis. Well that was a huge mistake, and by 1983, I was totally convinced of that.
If this sounds like sour grapes, it probably is. Oh well, we all make mistakes.
Now why has the solar energy business failed to really take hold in the USA?
I will give you my honest opinion.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greatly Expanded Green Automotive Service Business Opportunity by Walt Barrett

Apr 25, 2009

Your Big Chance For Low Dollar Business Green Ownership by Walt Barrett

A Complete Green Automotive services program
Last night we came across a young lady whose car refused to start at a lonely parking lot in the city. It appeared that the battery was dead. A quick inspection showed that the battery terminals had not been cleaned in years. Luckily we had some tools with us and after quickly removed the terminals and cleaning them as best we could, we put them back on and easily started the vehicle in spit of the fact that the battery obviously still needed maintenance and a good charging. After inspecting the alternator belt etc. we sent her on her way with an admonition to get the proper maintenance performed on her vehicle. Do you have any idea how many times this happens every day all over the world. The battery it seems is one of the most neglected items on a motor vehicle.This is why you will succeed if you decide to join our new world-wide complete motor vehicle maintenance organization. Please read our proposal to you below.Saturday, April 25, 2009Walt Barrett’s Global Automotive Maintenance Services news letter We have decided to publish the first issue of our news letter on this blog so that we can inform as many people as possible about our impending large scale business expansion. Future issues will be sent to our dealers only because they will contain a great deal of valuable marketing information. I’m trying to get an idea how many people are actually interested in our expanded automotive maintenance services program. We already have a great many users of our battery products world wide The outline of the new expanded automotive services services operation is below.
Welcome to the first issue of our Walt Barrett’s Global Automotive Maintenance Services news letter!You are receiving this news letter because you have purchased battery reconditioning chemicals through our Internet marketing Program. We are going to explain our new expanded services program to you, and we are going show you through these Dealer news letters how to get more customers, and to market your new services to them. We will be using the written word and videos to supply the necessary training.Again, this will only be available to our dealers whom purchase all of their Battery Reconditioning Supplies from our company
First of all, I will offer a brief description of some of the services we are going to start off with. We will offer the following through our web sites, and forward the sales leads to our dealers in the particular areas where the sales leads come from.We will cover and train you in all of these services in detail through our newsletters, videos, and photos.Here is a brief outline of our expanded service program First, you must Maintain a detailed service record for each customer including mileage and date of services, fluids added, and filter changes, body damage or body corrosion noted etc.
1. Complete battery inspection and repair services.

2. Tire and brake inspection services including checking for brake fluid leaks at each wheel.
3. Engine Cooling System Inspection including hoses, belts, water pump, and radiator.
4. Air cleaner, gas and oil filter inspection.
5. Brake and power steering fluid check and service.
6. Check and add engine and transmission oil as needed.
7. Complete cleaning of interior and exterior.
8. Engine tune up and electrical service only if you are qualified.
Each service has a separate billing charge.All of these services can be for either private customers,or fleet service customers like truckers, cabs, rental cars,used car dealers delivery fleets, etc.It is very important to realize that each year both private individuals and large fleets spend millions of dollars on unnecessary repairs caused by lack of proper maintenance. (I just gave you your main selling point.) Another selling point is that many of the more simple services can be performed at the customers home or place of business. You can work out a practical work route so that you are not roaming all over the city. You can also offer pick up and delivery.
You will be representing “Walt Barrett’s Global Automotive Maintenance Services”. The name Walt Barrett is wildly branded on the Internet as is A to Z Global Marketing Inc. and . All are known to be an honest and fair operations. This should be a major advantage for you. We will expect you to maintain our reputation. There will be a working agreement between us if you use our branding and training. In order to support the marketing and training programs,videos, and news letters, and gather sales leads etc. we are going to have to charge each dealer a small percentage of their sales which is going to be discussed with each dealer so we can arrive a fair figure for all.Most new dealers usually ask me where they can find customers. I am going to cover that very thoroughly for you. in our private dealer newsletter. Finding customers is easy if you have the right product or service cat the right price. We will show you what to do.We will also be supplying you with as many customers as possible from our web sites.I think this is enough to absorb for today.Please comment back to me and also ask questions, I need to gauge your responses and tailor the program to your needs.
Walt Barrett President
A to Z global Marketing Inc We put people in business!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lost your Job, or about too? Is Selling Farm Tractors, or Reconditioning Lead Acid Batteries The Green Business For You? By Walt Barrett

You know, there's an old saying, one door closes, and another door opens. I am a firm believer in that philosophy. Some people say the best time to start a new business is right after you have lost, or about to lose your job. Based on my experience, I think they are right. We have been very successful since the Mid Nineteen Nineties at selling high quality farm tractors that we import from China. Our only problem has always been that we can never get enough dealers to take the program to a larger scale nationwide. Now most people don't get involved with selling tractors because of the following reasons.

  1. Not enough money.

  2. They are afraid to send a hundred thousand dollars to China for inventory.

  3. They are afraid of the quality.

  4. They are worried that they cannot supply the parts.

  5. They lack technical and business savvy support. We can give you this support.

When you buy into a franchise, all of the above is supposed to be taken care of for you. Well we need dealers, but we don't sell franchises, or charge up front fees because I don't believe in them. We do however stock tractors here in the USA along with front loaders, backhoes, and wood chippers etc. I'm going to cut right to the chase here and tell you that if you want to be a tractor and farm equipment dealer for our equipment you should talk to me about it and you won't need any money, or fees either. I have over fifty years of business and manufacturing experience, and I will never steer you wrong.

I am very confident when it comes my products, and their quality and saleability. You can work out of our inventory and pay as you go. I can't offer you any better opportunity than that. If you become a member of the A to Z Global Marketing Inc. / family of people you will have access to any and all of our popular products with no investment, or up front fees. We have years of experience in the tractor, and Internet marketing business and will give you full technical support just like the major franchises do, with one exception, we wont be charging you fees, and taking a chunk of your business profits every month. We are starting people off in the Tractor business, the Battery Reconditioning Business, the LED light bulb business, the Micro Home business, Solar power and irrigation, solar hot water heaters, The emergency Strobe Flasher, Non destructive window shelf kits, and the World famous bottle UnCapper Business. We are also currently working out the details for a Micro Home construction, and sales dealership. There are a lot of things to consider yet. We are working on it.
With some of these business you may want to order a sample to assist you in your sales, but we do not require it. We can drop ship any product for you, and all you have to do is pay as you go.

Now, if for some reason it turns out that our business program is not for you, you haven't lost a penny!

By the way, our tractor business and our other business are stronger that ever and growing daily.

If you are interested, please talk to me!

401 725 8141


Walt Barrett President

A to Z Global Marketing

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are currently producing a free video on building a composting toilet by Walt Barrett

For those of you whom are interested in Micro Homes and off the power grid living we are currently working a construction video for the composting toilet that is going into our micro home demonstration model. It is designed to be well ventilated and odorless. Yesterday we completed all of the pieces of the frame work and photographed them. We then assembled them and started to put the skin over the framework. We have to photograph more steps today and may complete the unit. We will then add live video segments and the voice over before we can publish the video. It is a very valuable segment on our micro home project because the material cost is very low, mostly left over lumber scraps from the micro home building project and a $6.00 plastic bin with an airtight cover if needed. Commercial units like this one are sold for hundreds of dollars. I consider this a very worthwhile project.
Time permitting, it will be completed by the weekend. We are very busy these days with our Agro business.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Save Yourself A Lot Of Storm Grief by Walt Barrett

Save Yourself A lot Of Storm Grief by Walt Barrett
Yesterday Nancy and I had to drive from Rhode Island to Northern Vermont to see and old friend that is not doing so well health wise these days. We stopped in Keene, New Hampshire on the way, and met up with one of our four sons, Dave whom has lived there since 1980, and he drove us the rest of the way to Sutton, Vermont. While we were driving up we mentioned to Dave that we could not believe the amount of damage to the trees starting from Worcester, Massachusetts, and going on almost all the way to Keene where he lives. Dave told us that the ice storm that did all of that damage had caused many people in New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to be without power for over six weeks in many cases, and although people were furious about it there was very little that they, or that the power company could do, and there was not a decent generator to bought in site.
Now before Nancy and I built our new home ten years ago in Lincoln, we owned and lived on farms since 1962 and we know what it is to be without power up in the country for weeks at a time. So yesterday's trip got me to thinking. It is time I wrote about owning a good dependable diesel generator.
Now is the time to get your diesel generator. It's way too late when that major storm comes, and then you are out of luck! Also, I read two days ago where there are people sitting up nights trying to figure out computer programs that can totally shut down the US power grid in a matter of minutes. Now that may never happen, but I for one am not going to take any chances. If I lose my power I have no well pump, no boiler, no hot water, and no computers, which means no business – well no thank you!
Now it just so happens that one of our hundreds of products is diesel generators, and we sell our EPA Approved Model 6500S for only $1095.00 plus shipping from our warehouse in RI, or our other Warehouse in The Chicago area. Now I would not be selling this generator, nor would I own one if it was not an excellent piece of equipment. It is a silent fully enclosed electric start, air-cooled model. You can view the photos and specifications here. , and we can get you any spare parts you may ever need from our stock. At our usual discounted price of $1095.00 we are offering you a $500.00 savings on this unit. When you purchase from me, you get a great price and great service. If you have any questions you can email me at I am the owner of

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great New Micro Home Directory by Walt Barrett

We have started a great new Micro Home Directory, and a new super blog for your benefit. It is loaded with thousands of photos, videos and ideas with in the pages. We also add to the directory several times a week. The directory is located at . We have also added huge amount of data at our new blog site including a new section of educational videos. This site is also added to several times a week.
Here is an interesting site we found this week.
Now is the time to get familiar with these subjects. Please do not be fooled by the current lower fuel prices. They are only temporary, believe me!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Walt Barrett's New Blog

Walt has a new and improved Blog Site
Our New and improved Blog site is at We cover many subjects there.For the many writings, hundreds of photos on , and for many videos by Walt Barrett (chinadepot = YouTube site name) Just Google Walt Barrett, or Walter H. BarrettYou may contact Walter H. Barrett at: . He is the President of A to Z Global Marketing Inc. AKA and