Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Servicing Sealed Batteries 2010 by Walt Barrett

A Fresh Start by Walt Barrett

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Build Your Own Metal Air Fuel Cell With An Educational Kit by Walt Barrett

  For several years now we have been experimenting with a couple of types of metal air fuel cells.  Once a person learns the principals of these units by kit building it is quite simple to scale up these educational projects to a more useful size that can be used to run reading lamps, charge computer batteries, run radios, and even run small water pumps and electric bikes.  These cells can be built utilizing scrap metal, and off the shelf inexpensive plastic parts.  They will run on several different types of electrolytes that are mostly water and produce power for weeks at a time if maintained properly.  They do not use any hydrocarbon fuels, or alcohol, and will even run on our salt water formula which is calibrated for maximum life of the cells. A testing meter is included with each kit.  We can provide kits for several sizes.
  The proceeds from these kit sales will be used to start a full scale manufacturing operation for these fuel cells in the USA.  Also a portion of the profits will be donated to who makes small business loans to the poor of the world including the USA.
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Full Set of Precut Micro Home Plans Slide Show by Walt Barrett

This is our eight foot by sixteen foot model.  It is also available with a Gambrel style roof with a full sleeping loft and storage space.  We have a Gambrel style roof micro home posted on this site.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Silvio - An Interview From My Documentary About Our Economy by Walt Barrett

 With the upcoming elections, and the terrible state of the economy, I have decided to do a series of documentary interviews with various citizens around my home state of Rhode Island which has one of the poorest economies in the entire USA.  My First interview is with a very interesting retired gentleman who is working part time to make ends meet.  I would like you to meet Silvio.  Please click on this You Tube Link.
    I will try to post as many of these interviews as I can prior to the upcoming elections .  Americans have to take a more active part in the way our country is being governed at all levels.  We have to stop wasting tax money and start to take care of business at home.  We have veterans sleeping under bridges for Gods sake,  The infrastructure is crumbling from underneath us, and you cant buy a decent Job!
Where the hell are people's heads at anyway!
It's time to stop the madness!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Micro Home Precut Frame Kits, Elevations and Floor Plans from Walt Barrett

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This micro home has 4 feet of head room in the sleeping loft and there is room for two people to easily sleep there. You can easily sit in a chair in the loft. The entrance hatch is large enough to allow small bureau's etc. to fit through it for clothing storage and small personal items. Kits are available with full ceiling height second floors. We will consider any design suggested.

A to Z Global Marketing Inc. Is now offering shipments world wide for its pre-engineered, precut micro home framing kits. Custom sizes are also offered. We are currently designing an 8' x 12 ' unit for a project for the homeless. Kits will be coded for ease of assembly. Precut kits are the best because they save scrap loss, and also because all of the saw cuts including all of the difficult angle cuts have been made. The smaller home kits can be shipped on a single pallet. Micro homes, and micro apartments are a very large part of the answer to providing homes for people who otherwise could never own a home. The kits come with a full forty-five page plan set which includes a complete bill of materials required to complete the home. The plans also include drawings for either slab, pier, crawl or full foundation. Longer, and wider, one or two story kits are available on request. All plans are professionally drawn by a CAD building expert.

All kits sold in the USA are made in the USA.
Persons interested should contact Walt Barrett President
All material copyright 2010 Walt Barrett.

Some interior views

How to build a micro home by Walt Barrett