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How to Market Battery Chem by Walt Barrett

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Let me put you in business for free by Walt Barrett

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Building Off The Land by Walt Barrett

   You know there is something a lot of people have lost sight of and that is that a great many people still build homes with the building materials that they find right on the very land where they are going to place their home, or shelter. I see nothing wrong with this idea and as a matter of fact my parents built the foundation of our micro home from stone and mortar in 1929 and that foundation is still as good as the day they built it. We also have some very rugged oak posts in that cellar and they are holding up the main beam for the center line of the first floor. All the walk ways in the yard are made from flat stone and all the garden walls too. Every bit of the stone was dug up on the property and believe me we could never get enough of it. We built everything we could from stone. When they dug and blasted the well they used that stone in the foundation. They did all the work with no electricity and only hand tools.
People used to build entire homes and small factory buildings right here in town from stone using a quick process called “Slip forming,” Google it.
Most of our older buildings have hand-hewn and sawed timbers in them as the major part of their construction. Even the roof shingles were split from cedar logs. In the southwest most homes were built from adobe bricks. Adobe is a wonderful green form of well insulated construction. Even the floors were adobe. Nancy and I were recently visiting the Mission at San Juan Capistrano in California and they have preserved the adobe brick making operation there. I think that adobe is overlooked by far too many people. It is a great DIY material.
I believe that people have become far to dependent on major supply houses for their building materials. Think more about stone and timber and mud but with a modern-day twist to bring it up to standard. You may be low on funds, but you always have time if you use it wisely. My parents took about four years to completely finish their home, but we are still using it 82 years later. Thank you Mom and Dad!
God gave most of us two hands, a big brain, and an imagination to go with it. That's a pretty great set of tools in my book. He meant us to use them to the fullest extent, and he didn't mean for wasting time texting, or surfing the Internet either. He meant for us to use them to build a life and not to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.
Coggeshall Farm photos by Walt Barrett

How do you like the view?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walter H. Barrett - A Short Biography

Walter H. Barrett  was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA on May 17 1933. He is a life-long resident of Rhode Island,  with the exception of his time spent in the United States Air Force, and more time on active duty with the Air Force Reserve during national security alerts.  He was a member of the famed 509th Bomb Wing among others He is a Veteran of the Korean War.

   Mr. Barrett has a heavy background in business management, product development,  engineering, science, solar engineering, Micro Homes construction, automotive engineering & custom car building, motion picture & video productions, Digital film editing, sound editing,  film writing, technical writing, and marketing. He is also a very prolific still camera photographer and a digital artist. Mr. Barrett has several patents in the alternate energy field, and has a keen interest in the energy field and low cost housing and off the grid autonomous homes.  He is also a well known business consultant.    Mr Barrett is also the inventor of Battery Chem Which is saving millions of depleted automotive and forklift batteries from ruining our environment and millions of dollars in costs to the equipment owners. Battery Chem   And Green Heron Laundry Detergent and other home Cleaning Detergents

Mr Barrett taught solar energy classes and engineering at several schools and colleges during the energy crisis of the mid to late nineteen seventies. He has an international reputation in the solar energy field. Mr. Barrett has a great deal of experience establishing dealer networks and training sales engineers, etc. Before his first retirement, he was the President of Suntree Solar Corporation and chairmen of the board of Myriad corporation. Mr. Barrett is the President and sole owner of A to Z Global Marketing Inc, A world wide import /export company and also a manufacturer of several of their own products including Micro and Small homes, video steady cam equipment, various wood products including a non destructive add on portable window shelf that comes in several widths and custom lengths. Our battery rejuvenating chemicals that he developed over twenty-five years ago have been sold for many years, and are selling in record quantities to repeat customers on the Internet.  Mr. Barrett is well known as an inventor, and an abstract thinker.  His business predictions are usually correct.   He has helped many people to start  their own businesses  and gives freely of his ideas.  Mr. Barrett has a great deal of experience establishing dealer networks and training sales engineers, etc. A to Z Global Marketing Inc. can take a  virtually unknown company with a decent product, and make them known world-wide in a matter of months.

A to Z Global Marketing Inc.AKA  really started when Walter Barrett retired in 1995 at age 62 after working nearly fifty years in private industry, Starting working in factories at age fourteen, then the military, and then operating his own businesses.    Mr. Barrett soon became bored with retirement and decided to explore the possibilities of developing a trading company so he taught himself HTML code and built his own web pages   It took several years to develop the business, but A to Z Global Inc. AKA has emerged as a reliable supplier of products from China and India and an American manufacturer. Mr Barrett believes in low prices and volume sales. His Internet companies quote up to one million dollars a day, seven days a week on a worldwide basis. There is always someone on staff reading the mail and quoting our clients.   Mr Barrett is currently investing in Green  Manufacturing operations here in the USA in an attempt to create more employment opportunities here.  Mr. Barrett is also a long time supporter of , an organization that assists people mostly poor women in underdeveloped countries to start small businesses through small loans.

Known For his inventions,  hundreds of Internet writings, and hundreds of his photos and videos.  Please click on the following links , 

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Mr Barrett is currently working on low cost power cells for lighting and power systems for third world countries, and tiny electric power cells for miniature robotic devices.

Also, Google  Walt Barrett, or Walter H. Barrett.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Marketing Your Small Business For Free by Walt Barrett

   You know, I wouldn't be writing this little piece if it was not for the number of emails I receive from the many people who have started small businesses selling our products.  They all start with the same question, "How do I get more customers?"  Well it's a lot more simple today then it was back in the nineteen forties when I started selling.  Unless you were some big time company with a ton of money to spend all you had was your own big mouth, business cards, printed flyer's, the radio, and the newspaper if you could afford any them, and any free shoppers guides and bulletin boards in markets and coffee shops, and advertising on your vehicle.  I'm sure I missed something, but it was a long time ago.  I'm sure many of you can fill in the blanks.
   Well it's a little easier today because you still have all of the above, but now you have the great equalizer, the playing field leveler, the almighty Internet.  Now. whose better than you?  The Internet has so many places to advertise for free that you couldn't possibly use them all.  For us, Internet video has always been the all time killer app. We started using video on the Internet way before there was any YouTube.  I believe our first ad was for a battery backup power pack for cell phones.  A lot of people were still on twisted pair phone lines in those days and video was very slow, but all that soon changed.  Just one of our video ads has brought us nearly a half million customers.  So my point is that video and photo slide shows are an excellent way to market products if you put then on You Tube and embed them in your web site.  Video is my number one choice for marketing.  So Get a cheap digital video/still camera and start shooing.  Don't worry about making a fool out of yourself, I do it all the time, but the sales are coming in and we laugh all the way to the bank.  If you make video always use a tripod.  No-one likes shaky video and make sure your sound is decent.  You can edit with the free software from windows that comes with any computer.  It's great for commercials and you can dub the sound in with your mike.  You don't need the camera sound and can erase it on the editor.  You can load the video to your blogs and web pages too.  See my video blogs.
   I also like to use the free advertising web sites.  My favorite free print advertising web site is .  I wish I owned it, lol!  There are thousands of free want ad web pages. Be sure to pick the ones with the highest traffic counts.
The bottom line is to mention and expose your company and product lines everywhere you possibly can and spend as little money as possible in the process.  You should use all of the methods I have mentioned in the above text.
Use your start up money wisely because, "Overhead is the monster that eats business's"