Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How To Start off Small By Recycling and Make a Ton of Money by Walt Barrett

   Let me start off by saying that when I was a kid in the 1930's we were very poor as were many other people and like most other kids I wanted a bicycle.  Well the money just wasn't there, but that was when some older boys in the neighborhood introduced me to the city dump, a wonderful, magical place where an enterprising young man could find the parts to build anything.  Needless to say, I had my bike in short order.  Thank God for the rich folks who just throw broken things out!
   I read an article today about a mother and father and two children that are saving 40% off their budget just by being Green.  Now the way I look at that is that is even if the author of the article was off by 50% they would still be saving 20% of their monthly family budget. They did it by recycling everything and threw out less than a quart of trash or garbage in a year.  We never throw out garbage for example, we have a spot where we compost it in the back yard in a recycled plastic drum. There are lots of plans for that on the Internet for free.  Add a few worms to your compost and pretty soon you will have thousands of them and you can even sell them to fishermen.  Once you get started composting you can start a garden patch and raise fresh vegetables.  Keep the size manageable. A half a dozen tomato plants for instance, will keep you in tomatoes for the summer.  Composting leads to all kinds of revenue streams.  It's up to you what you do with it.  It's also a great way to turn dead leaves and grass into new black soil. There is plenty more information on the Internet about earthworms, food composting and even selling fresh vegetables. And if you are really resourceful you can do it with no money.
   If you need lumber for a small project  you can usually find all you need on the curb on trash day from old furniture and scrap from home renovations.  Some people even repair the old furniture and sell it at flea markets and garage sales.
   The curb is also one of the best sources for scrap materials for folk art projects that require steel, wood, metal or plastic materials.  You can also find pots and pans, garden hoses that just need new fittings on the ends, garder tools that only need new handles, power tools, pumps, vacuums and electric motors from appliances right on the curb.  A great source of copper, aluminum and iron. It just goes on and on.
    If you don't mind an older system you can even find enough parts on the curb to build an entire computer system in one day.
   Locate the scrap metal and cardboard dealers in your area and check which ones pay the highest prices because they do vary.  Car batteries, for example, bring good money for the lead.
When I see a a big pile of trash on the curb, I don't really see trash, I see a revenue stream.  If you have a truck there are many people that will pay you to take the trash to the landfill. If you take the time to sort it out you can double your profit.  Every day there are tons of metals, news paper, cardboard, pallets and lumber going into the landfills. Anyone can become a recycler and make a lot of cash money.  In my day they called us "Dump Pickers" and I'm proud to say that is how I got my start.
© 2015 Walt Barrett
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Thursday, April 02, 2015


Green Heron Detergent Products are made in the USA and may be purchased at www, usadepotstore.com       ALSO SEE OUR GREEN HOUSE AND CONCRETE CLEANERS. START SAVING MONEY NOW!
Many people purchase very expensive laundry detergent simply because of brand loyalty. Why would you pay $100.00 for a five gallon pail of liquid laundry detergent when you can buy 5 gallons in concentrated form for only $10.95 delivered to your door in the USA? When the package comes it contains 5 one gallon "Simply add water kits" so you can mix one gallon at a time. Green Heron is all natural with no foaming suds to clog your washing machine, no perfumes, dyes,or phosphates. It is biodegradable and probably one of the lowest priced laundry detergents on the market. Green Heron Works in both the new horizontal low water machines and the older top loading models. Green Heron is 100% made in the USA.
How To Mix Your Green Heron 5 Gallon Home Laundry Detergent Kit by Walt Barrett
Imagine only $10.95 delivered to make 5 gallons of Detergent that launders up to 320 loads of very...

Imagine only $10.95 delivered to make 5 gallons of Detergent that launders up to 320 loads 

of very...

Monday, February 23, 2015

This is a new book/film that we are working on by Walt Barrett ©2014/2015

The adventures of jennifer starfield.  

A new blog by Walt Barrett

Your feedback good or bad is welcome.  

I have three granddaughters and Girls need role 

models too.  

A family oriented story.

 I want to thank everyone who has read or participated in this ongoing Book/Screenplay at this time and would just like to say that it is subject to changes in the near future as it is subject to more editing and possibly rearranging.  A book is one thing and a screen play is entirely another.  I am writing it live because I am keeping track of the numbers of people reading each segment.  I am also listening to any suggestions or other inputs.  It also keeps me "Under The Gun." so to speak which helps me to speed the process along.
   Although I am addressing some very advanced technology here at times and interaction between adults I am writing to a "Family Audience" because I want children to be able to either read it, or have it read to them by their parents.  I want both children and their parents to have a glimpse as far as thousand years into the future and  let their imaginations run wild.  To do this without boring people out of their minds is a tall order and that's why there will be lots of editing before the project is over. It is not a romance novel and it's not like a film where you can dazzle people with loud noise and special effects. I'll leave that for the major studio that is picking up the film rights.  
   I am open to any suggestions or ideas and we are also seeking suppliers for action figures and accessories for Jennifer, Molly, and the rest of the cast.  Please write to me at: wbarrett1@aol.com
These projects are never easy!
Thank you very much,

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lose weight and feel better with the gluten free diet by Walt Barrett

I have been on the gluten free diet for 17 days and have lost 7 pounds.  I am also feeling much better.  My aches and pains have faded away.  It only took me 5 days to start feeling better.  All the gluten free diet information is free on the Internet.  Do yourself a favor and Google the "gluten free diet"  It will change your life!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Media Is Out Of Control by Walt Barrett

   Well, I see that the mainstream, commercial, rude, non journalist, anything for a buck, magpie media, has really stuck both feet in their mouths again. Yesterday this group of made up wannabe movie actors who call themselves journalists, and who in reality are just a bunch of news readers, let a 17 year old kid from NYC con them into believing that he had amassed a 72 Million dollar fortune playing the stock market on his lunch hour. Well the only problem is that the media people evidently did not properly vette their sources. Personally, I do not believe any of them any more and I'm really getting very tired of the media trying to run the country with their bullying and targeting anyone that they feel like tactics. The media is no longer reliable and they should stick to reporting the news and not trying to make the news and slant the news. The media has too much influence. Even congress is deathly afraid of them. The media is so greedy and so out of control that they would expose the entire contents of all of our government secret computers if they could find enough traitors to disclose them. They hide behind the Constitution and they will bring us down just for profit. These are serious times.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Unfortunately in this troubled economy many people who may be suffering silently from 

depression choose to take their own lives. This is a good

 time to keep an eye on your friends and acquaintances and watch for the signs of 

serious depression. Keep an eye on your self too. Unfortunately there is a great 

deal of rejection in the arts and entertainment industry because they are so

competitive. If you feel depressed don't keep it a secret. Reach out to your friends

for support if you need it. There is no shame in being depressed. Millions of people

 of people suffer from depression.  There is no rejection or failure worth sacrificing 

your life for. Personally in my long life I have suffered many setbacks and failures,

but none of them were worth my life. As long as you are able to draw a breath

you can pick yourself up and reinvent yourself, but there is no coming back from 

taking your own life.

My personal motto has always been to "Never give up and never stop trying." 

Above all, look for the beauty that surrounds you.

The beauty of nature is always there for you and it is free! If you need help reach

 out now before things get worse.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Greedy American Companies Destroying the American Workers. by Walt Barrett

No one should have to work three jobs in order to survive.  I could write thousands of words on the subject having been a mill worker for several years starting in 1947 Myself, but I won't. I will only say that I am appalled at the lengths that business has gone to in their relentless drive to destroy the American work force. Why do they hate the work force so much? These hard working people all happen to be paying consumers too. They have families to support What the hell is going on? That should appeal to their greed if not their "humanity".  Instead, the cost of everything is going up while wages stay the same! People are really hurting and it's not their fault. Are instant excess profits and cheap labor more important than the future of our country? I believe that God has a special place for these horrible greedy employers. We'll see how they like that!  Unless things change very soon now we are in for some very hard times ahead.  Why is our own government selling us out?  I'll answer that myself.  The answer is good old fashioned greed.  We were actually better off in 1950. Management used to call us donkeys but at least we got paid a living wage!  I think that we really do need a change and it should start with congress in November!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


   Here's an idea to save a lot of money that you may not have thought of if you are using a wood burning stove for heating or cooking.  I have already tried it and it worked out just fine.  There are tree trimming and landscaping companies working in most communities all the time and they generate tons of wood chips.  They have to drive miles in many cases to empty the trucks which fill up pretty rapidly. I obtained a truckload for free and dried them out by covering them with a cheap plastic tarpaulin for several weeks.  I then used them for fuel in a wood stove and they were terrific fuel.  I also experimented with used cooking oil by pouring it over the wood ships in a plastic pail very sparingly letting it soak in outdoors first and it burned for hours. I wood not store oil soaked wood chips indoors. The combination generated a great deal of heat and it works just fine in an air tight wood burning stove.
   Landscapers and tree trimmers generate a great deal of organic waste that they will give away to save hauling it many miles to disposal sites.  We also compost a great deal of this material for our gardens.
Walt Barrett

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Hi my name is Manny and I own a shipping company. In my warehouse, I use 2 forklifts and 1 power jack daily. I was having lots of problems with my forklift batteries, they weren’t charging and it got to the point that they wouldn’t even take a charge. I called a company to come and repair them. I knew I didn’t want to buy new ones because it would be too expensive. The repair man came by and tested the batteries and said they were junk, there was nothing he or anyone could do to fix them! He suggested I put my name on a waiting list for used batteries. Which even used would run me about $5200 a piece!

After contemplating my choices, I decided to go online and research other options. This is when I came across Walter Barrett’s advertisement for Battery Chem on a website. It could not hurt to call. Upon speaking to Walter Barrett and explaining the problems I was having, he told me he knew exactly what was wrong and that he would sell me the Battery Chem products to fix the batteries myself. I preferred and insisted that he do the repairs himself, since I had no experience in repairing these types of batteries.

I drove the batteries down to Walter and within a week, I received a phone call from him saying that the batteries were ready and that they were repaired with Battery Chem. I immediately installed the batteries and they ran better than they had ever run.

It’s been 2 years since the repair, and let me tell you, the batteries are still running like new. I won’t even mention the name because I don’t want to embarrass the first repair man who wanted to charge me $5200 a piece for used batteries. But I will say this I’ve never gotten a better bargain in my 20 years in business!

Thank you again,
Lowell, MA

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Expect Rising Double Didget Unemployment Rates And More Homeless In 2014 by Walt Barrett

   I hope that I am wrong, but I have been reading the signs based upon my 60 years in business and I really think that unless our government does something about the unfair labor advantage that the off shore manufacturers have our economy could actually collapse. It's like the powers that be, whomever they are, have decided that we can live with current rate of unemployment.  If they have, I believe that is a mistake.  As a matter of fact, Our current President started off every campaign speech in his first election campaign with the words "I'm going to bring the jobs back to America" and I said to myself every time, "Like hell you are"!
You don't hear anybody in Washington saying those words any more and if you bring up the subject you can just see their eyes glazing over.
   As a matter of fact if congress doesn't mend their ways and do something about it soon it will be too late.  This country can only carry so many poor and unemployed people, fight so many wars, and waste billions on ridiculous projects before we collapse under the debt.  Not if, but when our economy collapses the big money guys won't care and will just move on to other countries if they find it necessary to do so.  There is no shortage of governments for sale.
Make no mistake, the countries that are reaping the benefits from all this foolishness will be standing by our grave eager to shovel in the dirt because that's how it is these days.
   When the Christmas season is over you can count on all of the temporary employees being dropped like hot rocks and sending the unemployment figures rocketing upwards again.  At the same time the consumer spending will go down and many small business are going to go under.  You can count on that!  Americans will be paying a very high price in the long run for buying those cheap goods at the Big Box stores.  Our government makes the same mistakes over and over again and is influenced too much by other governments and big business.  The average American has no idea what is going on. Just ask any poor person who is unemployed and remember that your job could be next so you better start paying attention.  It's time we started taking care of business at home.
Remember, you cannot rule the world while standing on financial quicksand!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get Rid Of Bad Washing Machine Oders And Save A Ton Of Money At the Same Time by Walt Barrett

   Our made in the USA Product is only $10.95 for 5 gallons            delivered to your door in the continental USA.

   There have been many complaints lately about the terrible odors that are coming out of home laundry machines.   Several years ago we wanted to develop a new product that we could mix here in the USA in our home state of Rhode Island. We wanted something successful and widely used by you the mass mass market. Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 United States of America and has about a one million person population of which unfortunately between fifty and sixty thousand people are unemployed at all times.  My goal in adding the new product line was to create more jobs for our community. We are already in the business here of mixing all natural minerals from the earth to clean the sulfates out of lead acid automotive, golf cart, marine and electric forklift batteries so I decided to go with a Green laundry detergent because so many people use it.  I knew it would be a tough sell though because of brand loyalty and the big guys have millions of dollars to keep their brands alive. I did a lot of research which lead me to coming up with a totally Green product that is made from all natural minerals dug right from the ground here in the USA.  Our all natural laundry detergent has no smell like perfumes and no dyes or other additives either.  It will not make foam or suds in the washer because foam and suds are one of the number one causes of service calls due to clogging.  Contrary to popular belief you do not need tons of foam or suds to clean your laundry. Our ingredients are the natural enemies of the mold and mildew that cause the terrible odors the you washer is emitting.   You also must vent a side loading machine by leaving the door ajar when not in use.  This practice goes a long way toward eliminating the unpleasant odors associated with mold and mildew.
   Being all natural our product is not expensive to manufacture and also we are factory direct. There are no middlemen. We call it Green Heron Detergent and we package it dry saving a lot of money on shipping costs.  We charge $10.95 for 5 gallons delivered in the continental USA and when the package arrives you will find five smaller packages inside.  If you add the contents of one package to a gallon of warm water you get a gallon of All natural Green Heron Laundry Detergent.  Five gallons if used correctly in a side loader should do 320 loads of wash.  We use it exclusively at home and so do our employees whom we give it to free as a further quality control test of our quality.  We are priced very reasonably because our main goal is to put more people here to work.  We already make a good living from our other products which sell in volume seven days a week.
Please remember, A five gallon kit of Green Heron Laundry Detergent is only $10.95 delivered to your door in the continental USA. 
Our web site is www.USAdepotStore.com
Walt Barrett

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Terraform Earth - Mars Can Wait by Walt Barrett

   We need a more meaningful down to earth project that wisely uses the undeveloped desert lands and oceans of the world. We have the brains, technology, and money to wisely use all of these vast wastelands to develop entirely new economies, but it may never happen because the money is being wasted on useless projects and wars. There are many of us who know what to do, but do not have the money to do it. Personally, I really care about all of the poor humans of the earth and have had big dreams about using science and engineering to save them, but I am over 80 years now and I just can't do it by myself or get anyone else to listen. It is really a shame because it could put millions of people to work and at the same time be very profitable for investors and that's what really seems to count in today's world.
Instead we talk about "Terra forming Mars". It's total insanity and there will be time enough for that in a thousand years when we can achieve light speed if it even matters that much - really! It's time that we put our scientists and engineers to work on a meaningful project!
First I would like to see these scientists that want to Terra Form Mars do it here on Earth where they even have an atmosphere to work with a reasonable temperatures before wasting trillions of dollars to grow a turnip patch on Mars. Can you grow a useful commercial crop in any desert on Earth.  If not, how will you ever do it on Mars  Come on guys it's time to get real.  You can find as many challenges and build as many gadgets right here saving Earth and its inhabitants in the process.  Leave the Star Trek stuff to Hollywood for a while longer.  We need you here in the real world.
In the meantime I'm still looking for better ways to bring Employment, food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine and sanitation to our growing population.  This is the real world problem staring us in the face!  Again I say - Let's get real!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


From Trash to Cash   
   Back in the 1930's I used to play with toy cars that were made in Japan and China.  One day my mother pointed out to me that some of the insides of the cars and trucks were not always painted that well and you could see the original painted labels on the obviously recycled metal cans.  My parents started off their lives together very poor and developed recycling into an art form.  We salvaged everything that we possibly could and still do.  There is nothing wrong with saving money.
   You don't have to be a genius to run your business as a green business and the best part of it is that being green has a direct and positive effect on your bottom line.  Now it seems to me that too many small businesses always appear to be running on the ragged edge and it doesn't take much of a set back and they are gone - out of business totally.  
   We do a great deal of shipping every day both in and out so we use a great deal of cardboard boxes, packing material and wooden skids. A great deal of that material is salvaged from incoming shipments and used to pack outgoing shipments.  Not only are we saving the cost of those materials, we are saving the shipping charges on new skids, boxes and packing materials.  Another thing that we do is to save all the scrap metals and worn out cardboard that accumulates and every couple of months or so we take it down to the scrap yard and sell it.  A lot of people pay to get this material hauled away, but not us, we turn it back into money.  Now this stuff all sounds pretty basic to many of you, but you would be amazed at how many businesses just throw that money away.
   It is amazing once you start to recycle in your business how many ways that you will find to reuse items that you formally threw out and how quickly those items add up.  For instance, I know people who built micro homes and small cabins from packing crates used for shipping machinery.  It just goes on and on.
   Try taking a walk around your facility with an eye out for how much of your current trash that you can convert to cash.
Oh, and while you are in the mood for saving money ask me about our free maintenance program and inexpensive additives to double or even triple the life of those expensive electric forklift and golf cart batteries that are constantly draining your bank accounts.
You can write me at Walt Barrett .

Free Information  Web Site

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Deer Tick Killing Machine - A FREE recycled materials DIY project by Walt Barrett

This unit does not harm the deer, but it does help them.
The Deer Tick is infesting the United States and every year its bites are making thousands of people sick from Lyme Disease and some have even died.  We have a great many people in our area of Rhode Island and Connecticut who age getting bitten by deer ticks and are coming down with serious cases of Lyme disease.   In response to this problem I have done some research and have designed Tick Killing machine that I believe will break the cycle in two years if we can get enough people to build one of these free devices from all recycled materials.  I have made my design free open source technology and have tried to keep is simple and as economical as possible to build.  We built ours from all recycled junk. It did not cost us a penny.  
   After the machine is built you can lash it to a tree with rope and fill the the feeding tray with mostly salt and perhaps a little corn at first to help to lure the deer in.  You can also lash it above the ground to keep the smaller animals out if you wish, but it will kill the ticks on them too if you leave it on the ground.  Please note that certain tick killing products also kill cats so be sure to read the label on any product that you use.  
   The idea is to spray the carpet rubbing flap at least once a week.  When the animal feeds it has to rub its head on the carpet flap. The tick spray residue will be applied and kill all the ticks on the deer.
We have to break the cycle of the deer tick.  It is a very serious problem. 
Please join the war on deer ticks.

We will accept and incorporate all worthwhile design suggestions.


Some important facts about deer ticks and Lyme disease link.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Time To Challenge The Regulations Against Micro Homes by Walt Barrett

Perhaps it is time for a major court challenge to the minimum house lot size and home size regulations nationwide. The current rules are not very kind to low income families. Our company was looking very hard at mass producing micro homes on a production line basis and has the cash to do the project, but we think that local building officials would cause such a business to fail very quickly. It's too bad because mass produced micro homes can sell for the same price as a compact car and still be profitable. I made a complete study and built a model home that is good for two people. I would like to double that size and mass produce it. With millions of people needing homes and many of the willing to live in a micro home there will have to be changes made in the building and planning codes. Think of the jobs involved.
We never had such oppressive codes in the 1930's when I was brought up in a 20' X 24' home with a sleeping loft and a small stairway to the loft. It certainly didn't kill me. Some people say that the minimum home sizes are really about collecting the most tax dollars from each home owner. I would like to see the American Civil Liberties Union take on these rules nation wide. After all, what is the justification for these rules when you think about it fairly? Everyone deserves a decent and affordable home.It may be time to go to court. Maybe these cities and towns should stop spending more money than they can take in. Another thing is that building permits here are sky high. Perhaps city and town officials are too corrupt and too powerful. The economy is so bad here that many people are just walking away from our state and moving to the south and south west.This is a serious problem that needs solving and soon.  It's time for real change in this country.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Great Start Up Opportunities - Don't Get Left Behind This Time by Walt Barrett

I usually write a Blog on my birthday. I'm six days late this time, but my excuse is that I am very busy.  I am now officially an octogenarian.  Yes, I have been kicking around the planet for 80 years now and still feel great!  I have been in various businesses for 60 years and for the last 18 years that includes my own Internet manufacturing and marketing companies.  Like everyone else, we have had our ups and downs, but we always manage to run in the black and have no accounts payable.  We also have no accounts receivable because we never give credit to anyone period. I also like to make films and do digital photos and artwork which gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing our products on the Internet.  
   Because of my situation I feel very qualified to give advice to other businesses or people who are contemplating starting a business.
   How many times have you ever heard another person say "I had a chance start a certain franchise or buy into a certain business or a certain stock, but I was concerned about failure and didn't do it and I could have been rich and successful if I had"?  I have been hearing that ever since I was kid working in sweat shops and mills of Rhode Island and I made up my mind right then and there that I would never utter any of those words if I ever got a chance to break out of the loop that I was in at the time working as a "mill rat".  Don't get me wrong, it's a proud occupation and if that's all you can or want do in life then it's your life and your choice and it's fine with me. My dad managed to break out and so did I.  It's just that I always had the fire in my belly that drove me constantly to do better.  Believe me, it's not always an asset.  I walked away from some very good factory jobs in my day because of that fire in my belly to do better. I paid for it a few times too!  When you have had a wife and five kids in 8 years it puts everything on pins and needles at times, but we are all still together since 1950.  Now, having warned you, I will move on.
   Today I want to talk to you about lost opportunities. As a matter of fact, another title for this blog could be
"Broken Promises, Broken Dreams, and Lost Opportunities". 
Not every business opportunity is really on the level or turns out for the best. Many businesses fail because they were not a real business to begin with.  There is no such thing as easy money and there are many people who will do anything for a buck and will flat out lie and misrepresent the facts to you.  This definitely will lead you to failure if you go along with them because they are just blowing smoke at you to flim flam you for a fat franchise fee and after that they just fade away into the breeze like that smoke that they were blowing all along.  Sometimes really good business opportunities fail to work out because the new business owner just doesn't have either the time, energy, or knowledge to succeed.  In spite of all the free customer support they receive they simply give up and never really market their new business.   I have seen a lot of that in my 60 years of being in businesses. People change, economies change, business changes, romances come and go, but new opportunities arise all the time in spite of it all, but be prepared to market your business or fail for sure!
   I started one of my best current companies 28 years ago in a part time backyard garage operation and it grew very slowly until the advent of the Internet and now that business is in many states in America and also in several other significant countries.   With our newly self developed marketing programs we will be in every country in the world within 5 years maximum. Yes, I said self developed because no one else can do it for you and being number one on the search engines is only a fraction of the equation. I wish it was that simple!  Position is one thing and purchases are another.
We get hundreds of sales leads every day and yes we sell a great deal of products, but finding other people to sell your product in other states or countries is a whole different situation.  Good marketing people are hard to find. When we first started that particular business we ran into so many problems it was incredible.  It would have been very easy to just quit, leave it alone and go on the something else, but we did not.  We could just leave the business as it is and live off of it for the rest of our lives, but that is not my style either.  I want to expand and create more jobs for our people and in other countries too.  It may take up to 5 years, but we will get the job done.
   So here is my advice.  If you see what looks like a great business opportunity and you are really, really, really interested and willing to work very hard for more than simply 8 hours a day then you must thoroughly investigate that business.  Insist on talking to the owner.  Check the company name and owners name out for warnings on the Internet and do whatever it takes to get all of the facts about that business.  Then, if you still believe in it and if it looks really solid you either take the shot and grab onto the brass ring, or stay where you are, do nothing, and be satisfied with what you already have.  It's a simple choice.
   As for myself, I just turned 80 so I'm rushing headlong down the Internet pulling my companies along with me determined to sell our products in every country in the world because the world needs them and that is the most important fact of all.  So like they say, "Go find a need and fill it"!
Thanks for reading!

Walt 33

Friday, March 22, 2013

Battery Chem's Rapid Expansion To Asia by Walt Barrett

   About two years ago we introduced Battery Chem to a distributor in Manila in the Philippines. Manila has an extremely hot climate and a study that our distributor conducted there showed three very important things.
1. One was that there are approximately 30,000 public transportation buses in the Manila area alone.
2. There are two very large expensive 12 volt lead acid batteries on board each bus and due to the extremely hot climate causing premature sulfation the batteries on these buses have to be replaced every 3 to 9 months at a cost of $520.00 US Dollars per bus each time.
3. When our distributor approached these bus companies in Manila to try to explain the benefits of our Product Battery Chem the jokingly directed him to the scrap pile of batteries that they were going to return to the smelter and said "fix some of those and if it works we'll buy your product for our own mechanics to add to our buses".
Long story short, our distributor took several batteries off the scrap pile, serviced them with Battery chem, and recharged and tested them. These batteries were put back into service and so far have been running an additional 9 months.
Our product Battery Chem has caused so much excitement in the transportation industry in Manila that at all the bus companies are either using it or planning to use it and also, The two government owned railroad lines are putting it in their batteries including the new batteries that are just going into service.
The reason for our success is that Battery Chem restores 70% to 80 % of all sulfated heavy duty sulfated lead acid batteries. Battery Chem allows these batteries to recharge 20% faster than untreated batteries and the batteries run 20% cooler because of the properties found in Battery Chem. Our success also includes giant electric forklift batteries thus saving large forklift fleet owners millions of dollars. One of our clients has 50 warehouses and 2900 forklift batteries and 4000 tractor trailer units to service. The market has no end to it. I have manufactured and sold the product for 28 years now and the repeat business rate is incredible.
We have already expanded into South Korea and now I wish to expand into all the rest of Asia.

For more information about an exclusive Battery Chem distributorship

 contact Walt Barrett For Battery Chem Information

Battery Chem Web Page

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Simple Free Diet Is Working by Walt Barrett

I know that this blog is about all things green and I actually believe that weight loss and good health are very much in that category.
Every year people spend millions of dollars on weight loss products and doctors and that is fine with me if they want to do it. Health care is getting more and more expensive and it's not going to get any easier to get your health back.  Look at weight watching not from a cosmetic standpoint, but as a preventative maintenance program.
  I want you to know that I do not endorse any of the weight loss products or treatments that you may see advertised in the margins of my blogs.
  No one is pushing you to diet.  It's not a crime to be fat and there are some people that for medical reasons just can't avoid it.  An example would be taking certain medications can add weight but are necessary for your health or sanity.  Being fat does not mean being ugly either.  It does mean that you are more likely to have health problems.   We do not want anyone who reads this having self esteem problems either.  
   I want to update my friends on my personal weight loss progress. I am currently at the lowest weight I have been since 1985 and feeling great.  I worked out my own diet based on free information that is on the Internet.  I am 80 years old, six feet tall and now weigh 215 pounds.  I had climbed up to 250 pounds and was getting very unhealthy and very unhappy!  I am happy to say that now that I have lost the weight I feel better than I have in fifty years.  
It cost me nothing and we are actually saving money on the food bills.
I did not purchase any of the products advertised on the page margins.
   I gave up smoking about 15 years ago as a point of interest.
I have made my most significant progress sing starting the rice diet in January this year and it's all free!.
   What I did do is the following:
Keep track of my calorie intake.  All the food portions and values are on the Internet.  It becomes second nature after about a week.
No Sugar, fructose, or Alcohol.  You will immediately become more mentally alert.
Stay away from salt.  you only need about 500 mg a day.  That is about 1/4 of a teaspoon.  The maximum is about one level teaspoon (2200 mg) unless you are an athlete and then it's 3000 mg.  Salt was making me hold water and my legs and ankles got very swollen.  They are now back to normal. 
No bread  of any kind.
Eat only 2 oz of meat a day.
Drink more water. At least two large glasses a day.  If you must have soda it has to be diet soda with like zero calories.
We boil the Brown rice every night after dinner.  Follow the directions on the bag.  Rice is cheaper than dirt BTW.
You should take the multivitamin every morning. 
No Cereal 
Very little milk.
Eat packaged fruit, fresh fruit and 60 calorie yogurts for desert.
Eat 3/4 cup fried brown rice with honey on it for breakfast and fresh fruit.  I always have 1/2 of a banana no matter what other fruit that I have that morning.
They always say not to drink coffee or tea, but I have my two cups of coffee every morning. Sometimes I have a third cup later on in the morning instead of snacking.

Heat 3/4 of a cup of the precooked brown rice - microwave or whatever.
Put enough of any kind of sauce or other embellishments on it to make it taste delicious.  Add a few tablespoons of vegetables if you like, or have a cup of instant soup, Or canned Mexican style black beans of even canned baked beans, salsa, but go easy and watch the calories.  Use your imagination and get creative.  
It is all about added sugars and fats that increase your calories.
For desert you can have a 60 calorie yogurt.  Or you can have a 60 calorie fruit cup or some fresh fruit.  Do not eat cookies or other sweets etc, unless you enjoy being fat and sluggish.

Dinner is pretty much a repeat of lunch.  Remember, with loss is all about sugars, fats, and caloric intake.  There is no silver bullet!
I have had whole weeks where it seemed like I could not lose a pound and then the next week I would lose several pounds very quickly.  There is no predicting it.  Don't worry about slip ups.  Just stay as close to the diet as possible and you will get better at it.  That is how it works for  me.  Try to walk at least a mile every day. If you have a problem with that then walk what you can walk and build up to some mileage. A little time plus some work means eventual progress and it is better than doing nothing. 
   I almost forgot. This diet should keep you very regular.  You need to clear out your system every day.  If you do not, see your doctor and get some advice with that because it's not healthy.  The proper diet usually works.

 I don't care if it takes another year, I'm getting down to 170 unless I die of old age first, lol!  Stick it out, it works!!!

 I you have any questions about my personal diet please feel free to ask.

Good Luck!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Some comments and thoughts for February 15 , 2013 by Walt Barrett

   I'll be publishing some comments here all day at: www.waltbarrett.com

The archives are way down at the bottom of the blog and go back to 2006.  I am still trying to get the comments to work but in the meantime you can reach me here. wbarrett1@aol.com

   Every morning I turn on the news to see who the bone picking media is trying to bring down today.  It looks like the target for today is the Carnival cruise line who happens to be having another run of bad luck again.  Personally, before anyone starts calling for resignations it would seem prudent to get all of the facts first.
  We are going to be visited by an asteroid at 2:24 EST Today Feb 15. And how about that meteor that blew up over Russia this morning.    I'm certainly happy it didn't trigger WW III.

   I wish that NASA would focus more on increasing the speed of our space ships and concentrate more on robotic crews for  now.  Of course they may have to with the impending budget cuts.

    It seems like congress hasn't changed much after the election as they are still up to their old tricks.
I will add to this today if I have the time.

For those of you who are interested in my weight loss program I had 3/4 of a cup of boiled brown rice fried over a few drops of olive oil and served with a teaspoon of honey drizzled over it, A razor thin slice of lean ham heated in the same frying pan and 1/2 a banana and 4 Oz of non fat milk.  I know they say that you are not supposed to have coffee but I have two cups with no sugar every morning, but otherwise I stick to my diet.  Coffee is supposed to stimulate your appetite, but I resist the temptation.  Coffee, in my case keeps my gut very clean.

Here is my Photo for the day.  
Let us make a web video for you.

See just one of our video styles here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My recent weight loss and I have made some significant changes to this blog by Walt Barrett

   I have decided to make some significant changes to this blog and several of them are already showing at the bottom of each post.  
Several people have asked me about my recent weight loss and because I am interested in all things green which includes saving my own life by making some life style changes I am going to share  what I am now doing with you and tell you that it is working for me.  I am in no way advising or telling you what I think that you should do.  I'm just telling you what I am doing.  When you decide to make any kind of life style changes it is always best to talk to your health care provider.  I can tell you right now that I am not having to see my doctors very often since I made some adjustments to my own life style.  I will be 80 in May and have to be careful about my health now and also what I choose for activities. 
   I really needed to lose weight as it was starting to cause me health problems.  I had become Tired all the time,  a borderline diabetic and it was only a matter of time.  I also came down with a heart problem including high blood pressure and what is called A Fib with an irregular heart beat.  My legs ached all the time, my feet were numb and my joints were all painful too.  I like to walk and go to the gym, and was tiring to easily with only mild activity. I still need more exercise and am working on that problem.  I knew that if things continued this way it was going to be only a matter of time before I ended up either in a wheel chair or become a tissue or organ donor.  I believe in recycling and am donating what's let of me to others in need.  The rest is going in the flower garden.
   So in December of 2011 I started to make a lot of changes.  The best way I know to lose the first 15 pounds if you like to drink alcohol is to quit and also quit all the sugar and salt that you possibly can. So I just stopped.  I easily lost that first 15 pounds, but then I hit that plateau that just about everyone hits.  The next thing that I did was to start counting calories.  It worked some, but was very slow for me and most likely because I was sill not getting enough exercise, but also because I was eating the wrong things.  
I now have been spending a great deal of time research the good and the bad foods which is the most simple way I can put it.  It is working.  I'm eating more brown rice, more beans and vegetables and have cut wheat, sugar, alcohol out altogether since finding out how bad it is for you. I eat very little meat having only a couple of ounces a day, and no fats at all. This is an ongoing process now for me and I wish That I had started sooner.  I am discovering new things about my diet every day.  I have a great deal more energy again.  I don't have to spend a great deal of money on information because the important information is all there free on the Internet and Diet meals are actually less expensive to prepare and really simple once you read about them. It's not rocket science.  If you are truly overweight and are concerted about it then you must take charge of your own diet and stick to it. I will be continuing to tell you about my journey to lose more weight because I have fifty more pounds to get off and keep off.  In your own case I can offer you a very good incentive to lose weight by changing your diet and lifestyle.  
I told myself "You can choose life, or, you can choose an earlier death"!
To be continued.

  I have added some features to this site which can be seen at the side and bottom of each page and there are more coming. I plan on more DIY videos and more nice photos.
I write about 11 blogs, They are listed at the bottom of this blog in the about me section.
 I hope to see more of my friends joining and following.


New Blog postings for February 13 2013 by Walt Barrett

   Well today is the second day of my attempt to provide easier access to all of the friends I have had the pleasure to make on Facebook and I will continue to tweak and make changes until I am comfortable with the pages.  Unlike Facebook there are no limits to the number of members and I urge you to join and to make comments.   I will try my best to keep it interesting.  We hope to bring you more photos, videos, and business advice very soon now.

This posting link is for travel and tourism and people from Rhode Island.
   Here is some content for this morning.


This posting link below is for business minded people.



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Blog Page For All Friends by Walt Barrett

It seems that Facebook has evolved to the point that it is not the same Facebook that I joined several years ago.  I have also reached my friends limit.  That is why I have moved my comments and creative efforts to one of my more popular blogs.  I have lost track of many of my Facebook friends due to these changes. So for those of you who are interested in what I have to say it will all be here and I will try to comment every day.  I also have a full film schedule for our business for the rest of the year.  I will do my best to pass on all information that I feel will help you in your business,  career or life style.  We will also be posting photos and videos on this page.  We may ask you to register in order to keep track.
If you would be kind enough to FOLLOW the page it would be a great help to us and you would also be notified automatically when I post to this page.
It may take a few changes and adjustments to get this blog right so please bear with me.  There is an index on the site of all blogs going back several years.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Few Comments That I Have Made by Walt Barrett

Some things I have learned from bitter experience

Never give up and never stop trying!

Life is like a movie in that how it turns out depends upon how you edit it.

God is the engine that drives the Universe.

Hard work pays off!

Your are never too old to reinvent yourself.

Nobody cares about you.  You are always on your own.

The government cannot solve all of your problems and could never succeed in running a business.

Overhead is the monster that eats businesses.

Government is run by amateurs who get appointed to jobs that they are not trained to do.

You can't make someone love you.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself and get on with your life.

We all came from a tiny band of people in Africa.

Education is totally unnecessary if you like sleeping under bridges.

What people have they never want and what they don't have they always want.

Anyone can sell.  Selling is simply telling a story and offering the right product at the right price.

Never trust your money with a financial planner because they are the only people who ever make any money. 

Never trust the stock market!

Never trust any government!

Your own life is the biggest reality show that you are ever going to see and it is totally up to you how it plays out.

   If you are convinced that you have a really great idea then you have to stay focused on that idea and you have to expand and develop that idea and don't be like so many people that I have met in my lifetime that only talk the talk and never follow through on anything!

   "The next big thing" won't be the next big thing if you don't follow through!

In this day and age with everyone being "connected" and everyone looking for "the next big thing" the world is changing minute by minute so pay attention because the carousel is speeding up and the brass rings are flying by.   

If you fail at everything else in life you can always become a politician.

You can give a politician a free lemon-aid stand, free lemons, free sugar, free paper cups, free water, free taxes,  and the best location in the country, and he will still lose money!

A country cannot be a world power while standing knee deep in financial quicksand!

Politicians should be the first people to serve in foreign wars.

Someone should follow media people around relentlessly with news cameras.

Never fly on an airplane that wasn't made in the USA.

A politician has never seen a dollar that he didn't want to tax and can never balance a budget if it involves government money.

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

Walt Barrett


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free Solar Water Pumping And Electric Classes by Walt Barrett

   My interest in solar energy goes back to 1950 when my dad, who knew I loved all things mechanical, brought home a book for me to read that was all about solar energy.  It was loaded with do it yourself projects that were really simple to build.  Even then, as poor as we were, I realized that there were many people in the world that were a lot worse off then we were.  1950 was the year that we got indoor plumbing in our home after being without it since 1929 when my parents built our tiny home.  I was only 18 in 1950, but I immediately realized after reading that book that we could use solar energy to make life easier for people all over the world.  I really can't explain why, but I have always wanted to help other people.  The only reason I can think of is because my parents and I really had so many very hard times during the depression and I never really forgot it.
   I have been pushing solar energy for a very long time, but until recent years have never really succeeded in cracking the mass market.  For many years cheap fuel held the solar energy business back.  Another problem is that most people in the developing countries could not afford any kind of solar equipment.   The common problems found throughout the world are pumping and filtering drinking water, Salt water desalination, making any form of light for the children to read and study by, making power for educational satellite TV centers, cooking food and refrigerating food and medicine and disposing of human waste.  The world has spent billions fighting wars and killing children, but very little on improving the human condition. 
  Personally, I am about to turn 80 in the early spring and intend to spend whatever time that I have left developing and refining solar and other green technologies right down to the least expensive and most dependable products.  I doubt it will be profitable, but profit in my case is not the driving force as we have other ways of making a living.  Besides, as the man says, how many pairs of pants can I wear at a time and how many cars can I drive a a time?  I can remember when we could not afford to drive cars.  I was much thinner then too.   BTW not owning a vehicle puts many thousands of dollars in your bank account or whatever.
   If a person is at at least willing to seek the knowledge and contribute the bulk of the labor then they can have all of the solar and other green powered items that I have mentioned in the above text. So this is the plan that I have.  Beginning in February I will start producing new training films starting with Solar Electric Water Pumping  and Small Solar Power Packages for multiple use in villages for water pumping, cell phone charging, LED lighting systems, radio, SAT TV etc.  Just think electric and we'll try to do it on the cheap.  We will also build an improved composting toilet.  Our main focus for this project is to have the local people build as much of this green equipment as possible.  It will create and stimulate local economies. So the free training videos will stat in February and the Live classes here in Rhode Island will start as soon as the weather permits.  We have already built a 128 square foot micro home and it will serve as a test vehicle for the projects that we build together.  The classes will be free and the size will be limited.  I am really hoping that there are people out there that are interested in using this technology to help the less fortunate and not just trying to get rich overnight.
Here is an example of a six year old solar water pumping system and our next video in February will teach you how to do the whole system including wiring.

Please contact me if you are interested in our free training program.
Thank you,
Walt Barrett