Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting ready to market the power energy cell by Walt Barrett

   A US-based firm has invented a simple, chemical powered electricity-producing cell that can be refueled in the field with minute amounts of inexpensive simple chemical fuels...including salt water. Each cell can produce up to 2 volts at 1 amp depending on the fuel. They have developed a AA or AAA battery charger that can slow charge up to six of these batteries at one time using just one of their power cells. These are small cells similar in size to a small vitamin bottle. They can also build clusters of these new cells to provide power at 2,4,6,8,10,12, 24 volts etc as required. The higher voltage versions would be more expensive of course. The cells are also field serviceable and re loadable. They are a very green product.
They believe their cells would be best suited to charging batteries for small appliances, cell phones, battery-powered lights and electric scooters etc. They are eager to help remote cultures and communities where no electricity is available. They are seeking suggestions for possible uses and wiring configurations that would appeal to the marketplace. Your input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you know of a market where folks might benefit from a new technology such as this, they would like to hear from you. Please contact Mr. Walt Barrett at:

Walt Barrett President
A to Z Global Marketing Inc.
401-725-841 (US east coast time 9am to 4pm)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Importance Of Staying Focused for anyone running a business By Walt Barrett

The Importance Of Staying Focused
Walt Barrett
An added note to all my actor friends and motion picture professionals.  This article goes double for you. It's a tough and competitive industry.

I have personally been involved with businesses for over sixty years and there is one thing that I can tell you for sure. There are a great many glittery distractions in the business world today and no free lunches. Everyday there are new offers in the email promising to make you rich overnight. These can be major distractions that will lead you astray if you are not very careful. You must stay focused on your business and always be on the lookout for ways to improve every aspect of your company. There are several important aspects of your business that you have to focus on.
First of all you must have a very strong belief in the product that you are selling. If you do not believe in your product, or understand everything pertaining to your product you will never really succeed. You must be able to answer any questions that are asked of you by your customers. If you do not understand your own products then how can you possibly expect your customers to understand them? Secondly, you must focus on the quality and the presentation of your product. The product has to look great and it has to work. Repeat sales are the heart of any good business. You must listen to the opinions of others and weigh their suggestions very carefully and then make your decisions based upon hard facts. Never make any claims that you cannot back up by performing your own testing. There is an ongoing war in the present day marketplace and you either have the spine to participate, or be prepared to lose. Now who wants to lose? I certainly don't!
If you want to succeed in selling any product then you must focus on every aspect of marketing and never take your eye off the target. The target in this case is your future customers. Marketing is just a fancy word and all it means is that you must have a big mouth and an advertising presence that allows you to tell the entire world about your product. There is nothing scary or difficult about selling a product. All you have to do to sell a great product like Battery Chem is to tell the story to as many people as you possibly can. Again, focus on the most likely markets for the product. You may have to do some free demonstrations and give away some free sample packs, but it works. It's just another form of advertising which equals marketing – same thing in my book. All the big guys give away samples and do free demos to introduce a great new product. That's why the movies have previews. Did you ever go to the fairgrounds, or the flea market and see the Lady with the new Red Cadillac convertible, a stack of cans of Carnauba Car wax, and her helper is polishing the hood? Now that's marketing in its most basic form and it works! That lady is rich!
There are so many ways that you can use to focus on advertising/marketing it can make your head spin! You have the Internet which is free with all the options of using our freely supplied videos and all the free classified ad sites. You have local free shoppers guides and newspapers that have low-cost classified ads. I like classified and have better luck with them than I ever did with expensive display ads. There are magnetic signs and decals that you can place on your cars and trucks. I like tail gate ads myself. There are business cards and sales calls you can make in person or on the phone. It just goes on and on and all you need is to stay focused and also have the spine to do it. I'm 78 and I had to start all over again at 62. It wasn't easy, but I did it. No company is ever going to help you any more than my company. I know what it is like to be broke and flat on my butt. I personally care about everyone involved with our company and all I will ever ask you to do is meet me half way and stay focused!  

Battery Chem Service And Sales Tips By Walt Barrett President

Battery Chem Service And Sales Tips
Walt Barrett President

We have been getting a lot of questions lately on a few things that some of our dealers are not clear on. Also, I have a few comments.

  1. It is OK to add Battery Chem to a battery even if the battery is still installed in the vehicle. However, I strongly suggest that you remove and clean the battery cable ends and battery terminals. It is much safer to work with the battery cables removed anyway. Always wear full face protection and protective clothing in case of a freak explosion. No smoking, flames, or sparks either. Always remove the ground cable first and replace it last to prevent sparking. Batteries make hydrogen gas when charging and hydrogen gas is explosive. Always work in a well ventilated area. A fan blowing over the battery area is very helpful too. I have also bored hole in sealed batteries right in the engine compartment, but be sure the battery cables are disconnected.
  2. When selling your customer a new battery in the case where his old battery is too far gone to recondition always have him purchase a new battery with screw type filler caps. If he wants to purchase a reconditioned battery from you that is fine as you will have bored into the cells and put the new caps in it anyway. Always remind your customers that Lead Acid batteries have to be checked for water every 30 days for sure. Distilled water should be added to at least 1/8 of an inch above the plates. Do not over fill. Personally, I do not have much regard for so-called sealed maintenance free Batteries. I have opened up far to many that went bone dry in a year. Especially in very warm climates. We offer a tool for converting sealed batteries to serviceable batteries. If you open up a battery that is very dry inside you should add distilled water and give it a quick charge before testing for dead cells. You will be surprised at how many of these batteries will come back to life. Then you can add the Battery Chem. Adding water and proper charging can double the life of a battery. Actually, if you could go into any government installation where there are lead Acid Batteries you would see a sign and a service log on the wall in the battery area requiring water checks every 30 days and a sign off on the log. This is a major must do on all-electric forklift batteries too. Batteries fail when they are neglected and abused. The terminals should be leaned at least twice a year. My wife just took her car to the dealer for an oil change last week and they wanted $48.00 to do the “battery maintenance” which involves cleaning the terminals and adding water. We do that ourselves in about ten minutes total and we add battery chem twice a year to all of our vehicles. We get as much as 11 years from our batteries. It is worth the effort to maintain your batteries and the consumer must be constantly reminded. It's also well with the effort to buy batteries with screw type service caps,
  3. This is the Battery Cell Boring Tool. If you need it from us you can have it shipped with your next order. We also sell the necessary caps too. The caps and all the other supplies may be ordered at our site

$14.95  DELIVERED 
Customers NOT IN CONTINENTAL USA, please contact us for shipping quote first

If you have any further questions please contact me at
Walt Barrett President.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A High Paying Six Figure Green Job by Walt Barrett

We are seeking part time sales representatives that are willing to call on the Turnpike truck stops and the many small Mom and Pop type stores in the USA. No investment is needed.  We have pouches of Battery Chem that are made to be hung from the J hook displays in the above stores.  We pay very high commissions and can ship the products direct to your customers. You will be paid for all repeat business.  Battery Chem is a highly successful product that can be used in any lead acid battery.  You can earn a six figure income with us if you are willing to call on the trade.   You can get full details and free training at: