Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Battery Reconditioning Business by Walter H. Barrett

Many many years ago I got interested in reconditioning lead acid batteries. One of the major reasons that lead acid batteries go dead is sulfation of the lead plates. This is caused by sulfuric acid crystals building up on the lead plates. I don’t think I need to go into a lot more of the scientific details involved except to say that there is a great deal more information about the subject on the Internet if you are really interested.
Reconditioning is different from rebuilding. Rebuilders remove and repair the bad cells in a battery whereas a reconditioner simply follows a series of steps to test a battery to determine if it is rebuildable to begin with. If the tests prove positive for reconditioning, the reconditioner then moves ahead to the next step by adding certain mixtures of chemicals designed to assist in the dissolving of the built up acid crystals on the lead plates. Once the crystals are dissolved through a combination of chemical additives, and the normal recharging process the batteries are ready, after a rigorous load test, to go back into service. Not all lead acid batteries can be reconditioned. Some will fail the load test even after the reconditioning process. This is to be expected, and you can still salvage enough value from the junk batteries to more than make up for the little bit of chemicals that you may have wasted. I have written a free Battery-Reconditioning manual on the subject. If you write to me on this blog I will send you a free electronic copy by e-mail.
Now here comes the warning about getting into the business. I have an over twenty-five-year track record on the formula that I developed for aiding in the reconditioning process. We even give away free samples of our chemicals as long as you pay the postage. We also give full support to our customers. We have letters from satisfied, successful clients. DO NOT INVEST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO GET INTO THE BATTERY RECONDITION BUSINESS. There is no need. You can get started in the business for well under $500.00 on a small scale if you want to get a feel for the business. Frankly, more people fail at it than those who succeed. The reason is that it is hard, heavy, dirty work, and you have to be very careful about acid burns and explosions from accumulated hydrogen gas. Smoking, matches and sparks are definitely no allowed.
Having said all of that, our additive is a dry powder mixture that is very effective in the reconditioning process. We package it both here in the USA and at our facility in India for ease of shipments into Asia and the Pacific communities. We offer full customer support via e-mail seven days a week. You will get assistance if you need it.
YOU MAY REQUEST A FREE RECONDITIONING MANUAL BY WRITING ME AT THIS BLOG. Just don’t waste a lot of money on an expensive battery-rebuilding program until you try us. Do not spend thousands of dollars on equipment. Get your feet wet by starting slow and then grow from there. Try our free chemicals, just pay the postage. Please check out our battery pages here, , and remember, the money that started came from the battery reconditioning business. We are selling a lot of these chemicals every day. If you want to work hard you can make a very good living at it.

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