Monday, September 09, 2013

The Deer Tick Killing Machine - A FREE recycled materials DIY project by Walt Barrett

This unit does not harm the deer, but it does help them.
The Deer Tick is infesting the United States and every year its bites are making thousands of people sick from Lyme Disease and some have even died.  We have a great many people in our area of Rhode Island and Connecticut who age getting bitten by deer ticks and are coming down with serious cases of Lyme disease.   In response to this problem I have done some research and have designed Tick Killing machine that I believe will break the cycle in two years if we can get enough people to build one of these free devices from all recycled materials.  I have made my design free open source technology and have tried to keep is simple and as economical as possible to build.  We built ours from all recycled junk. It did not cost us a penny.  
   After the machine is built you can lash it to a tree with rope and fill the the feeding tray with mostly salt and perhaps a little corn at first to help to lure the deer in.  You can also lash it above the ground to keep the smaller animals out if you wish, but it will kill the ticks on them too if you leave it on the ground.  Please note that certain tick killing products also kill cats so be sure to read the label on any product that you use.  
   The idea is to spray the carpet rubbing flap at least once a week.  When the animal feeds it has to rub its head on the carpet flap. The tick spray residue will be applied and kill all the ticks on the deer.
We have to break the cycle of the deer tick.  It is a very serious problem. 
Please join the war on deer ticks.

We will accept and incorporate all worthwhile design suggestions.


Some important facts about deer ticks and Lyme disease link.