Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting A Micro Business Is Your Key To Financial Security by Walt Barrett

   Lately, I have been thinking a great deal about two entirely different problems, and what is going on in our economy at this time. The problem for people who are suffering because of the way the money is being squandered by our government, and how people are struggling to find a decent job And if they are lucky enough to have a good job, then they find that they have no “real safe place” to invest their money because the financial markets are too unstable and the banks are paying very little interest. Many people have recently lost a huge portion of their retirement money because of all the instability in the financial sector. You could work and save your entire life, and be totally wiped out in the blink of an eye. Don’t you know someone that this has happened to….maybe you?
For those of you who are already working and making a solid income, I suggest you start a Micro Business, because your spare cash can be doubled by a properly operated micro business,   You would be able to hire one or possibly several local people to do what you don’t have time to do yourself and have the satisfaction of keeping the work here in the states, and putting some Americans to work. That was our goal and that’s how we do it here.
The other problem that I see is that there are large numbers of workers with very low paying jobs, or no jobs at all. Well I believe that I have a solution for all of these concerns, and it doesn’t involve borrowing, or lending money, as that can be too risky. This is a financial experiment that I have already made several times with success.   I am sure that anyone can do it if they have the spine to do what has to be done! For lack of a better description I call it a Micro Business. 
I really discovered the idea by accident in my preteens, while living in the country in Rhode Island. My first Micro Business was when I walked a mile to the village, to pick up the Sunday paper for my parents. Many of my neighbors soon discovered what I was doing and saw me make the trip faithfully every Sunday, rain, snow, or sunshine. At that time in the mid forties, the Sunday paper was twenty-five cents, and my customers all gave me an extra twenty-five cents for delivering their paper. Pretty soon I had more spending money than I needed, because there really was no place in the woods where I lived to spend it. That was my first simple little Micro Business, and the beginning of many more to come! 
My Mother always encouraged me to have my own business.   She had set a great example by being a marvelous and talented seamstress.   She made extra money for our family, in the thirties and forties by making suits, dresses, aprons and stuffed animal toys. I used to help her by stuffing the animals, and picking out the basting stitches from the men's suits and the ladies' dresses after she sewed them together. 
My mother was a very multi-talented woman and always encouraged me in whatever I did for business ideas. 
Every fall my Mom and Dad and I would go out into the swamps and pick the raw materials for making Christmas baskets, which are very popular around New England. We cut maple whip to make the baskets and handles, spruce, hemlock and pine branches for greens, and both red and orange berries for adding color. We also picked sphagnum moss to stuff the baskets and wired the decorations to pegs and stuck the pegs into the moss to hold the decorations in place. I was still a preteen while doing all those Micro Businesses. My point here, is that by doing all of those businesses, we made a lot of money that otherwise would have been very hard to come by in the cold hard depression times. 
We also had a large vegetable garden in the summer. My Dad gave me a rifle and taught me how to use it when I was seven so I could hunt for meat.  Again, my point is that a person, or a family, has to learn how to be self-sustaining. You may not agree with the methods, but we got the job done, and went on to be very successful because we were all willing to work hard as a team!
What I learned back in those days was that in many cases you could gather raw materials that were either free for the taking, or dirt cheap to buy, and turn them into a salable item for a nice profit. 
If you are out of work, you already have a great deal of spare time, so why not use it on a micro business idea!  You can still be looking for a better job, but for the ultimate job security there is nothing like owning your own little business,  and if you happen to strike a vein of gold along the way…then all the better. No one is ever going to walk up to you at work on a Friday afternoon with an empty cardboard box, and tell you to pack up and leave, because they found someone else to do your job for less money. Now, I call that real job security…you are your own boss, you set your own hours, and you have the freedom to do what you want.
Don’t be sucked in by the Conspiracy of the Unmotivated.  Do something good for your family and yourself….start your own Micro Business:
Now let's talk about starting your own Micro Business. You don't need any serious money to start a Micro Business. Smart people start with no overhead because you can start in your apartment, home, or shed. Too many people run right out and saddle themselves with rent, special equipment, cars, employees, and on and on. Pick a simple business that requires very little space, or equipment. Always remember that Thomas Edison (General Electric) started in a small space on a railroad car, as a boy while selling various items to the train passengers. Henry Ford started in a small workshop/barn, when building his first automobiles, and the Wright Brothers and Glen Curtis both started their respective business in bicycle and motorcycle shops. So let's keep the overhead low and the sweat equity high. 

Rule #1 don’t spend more money that you take in, and always remember my favorite quote “Overhead is the monster that eats businesses”! 
Rule #2, never break rule number one. 
Rule #3, stick with the most commonly used items, and determine your market demand before you just jump in. 
Choose a product that you can produce inexpensively and sell locally, beneath the price of your major competition. Always remember that people are drawn to bargain prices but only if you produce a quality product. If you make an inferior product, the word gets around quickly and you will soon be out of business. One of the most important things to remember is that if by accident, you should have a product slip by your quality control checks and you get a complaint from a customer, do not argue about it. Take the product back and give them a new one. Even if you are working alone you always have to set up quality control standards. There is nothing like producing junk to put you out of business overnight! 
The bottom line formula is high quality + low price + low overhead = big profits. 
One last thing is that you never trust anyone else to handle your money. We see people stealing from their employers every day. There are a million ways to steal!
I am telling you all this because we are starting a chain of Micro Businesses that we can provide the expertise, raw materials inexpensively, and the business know how to make you succeed. These are not franchises. They are more like a license. As long as you purchase your supplies from our company we will advise you, solve engineering and manufacturing problems, send you sales leads when received, and allow you to use the “Walt Barrett” name which has become branded from over sixty years in business and sixteen years on the Internet. You may verify this by Goggling “Walt Barrett”, or “Walter H. Barrett”. No customer has ever lost a penny by purchasing from our companies. We are known world-wide. 
We can help you with business that we already do, or we can start you in a new business. There are literally hundreds of possibilities waiting for you to cash in on. We know how to set up a proper and profitable business. We especially encourage economically challenged people from all countries to contact us so we can help you. Again, if you purchase your raw materials from us we will not charge you for our expertise and the use of our name as endorsed by Walt Barrett etc. as one of our approved designs or methods. Please contact me so we can discuss the formation of your very own micro business. We are marketing experts.
Do not ever settle for 1% interest at the bank, or losing it all in the market when you can earn 100% of the profits in your own micro business and control your own future at the same time.

Thank you,
Walt Barrett