Saturday, June 24, 2006

A business opportunity in Green Fuel

I have encouraged a couple of my friends locally in New England to begin collecting and storing used vegetable cooking oil from the local restaurants. Most of them have to pay to have it hauled away. If you take this oil and let it "settle out" over a month or two in barrels it cleans up very nicely. The next step is to build or buy a simple filtering system consisting of a pump and a filter that is rated at five microns. We have recently made a decision to build these filters using stainless steel at our plant in India, but they can be locally purchased from any number of suppliers on the Internet. Once you have a filtering system you can begin filtering and selling this oil by the 55 gallon drum loads. Never pump from the bottom of the barrel as most of the water and sludge is there and that would defeat the whole purpose of the initial settling process. There are many web discussions about filtering and using Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) if you search them out on I do not claim to be a leading authority on the subject, but the main goal is to get all of the debris and water out of the oil. A good SVO system on a car or generator using a diesel engine will include a device to capture any water that escapes the settling and filtering process. We are currently building and testing SVO systems at our plant in India. There is a complete education on SVO systems and Bio Diesel fuels on the Internet if you take the time to search out the info on SVO fuel is one of the most simple of the energy businesses and one of the main side benefits is that SVO is very low in pollutants, besides being much lower in cost as compared to diesel fuel. Do not attempt to use it in gasoline-powered engines.
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