Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Not in My Backyard Syndrome

I have just returned from a week of traveling and visiting my business associates in upper New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Now if any area of the USA ever needed a break in the cost of energy, or a source of clean energy, it most certainly is New England. So you can imagine my surprise when I was listening to the local news while driving from place to place I heard several news reports about ongoing battles over the location of wind farms in several of the New England States. It seems that when prominent nature and conservation organizations were faced with a choice of wind farms or fossil fuel generating plants that will add even more co2 to the atmosphere at an alarming rate, they chose more co2. The opponents of the wind farms in their areas made arguments that these windmills would chop up the local bird population like giant Mixmasters! Now I have visited several of these giant windmill sites and did not see a single bird carcass on the ground. I also noticed that these large windmills turn at a very slow RPM and being an avid bird watcher and lover of birds I have watched birds fly through the forest at extremely high rates of speed and marveled at the fact that never once did they hit a branch or tree trunk etc. It seems to me that if we are going to follow the dead bird argument then we had better outlaw window glass because I have seen far too many birds knock their brains out flying into windows. So if the real argument is that you don’t like the look of the windmills sitting up there on the ridge in your back yard why not just come out and say it? If anyone has any factual studies on the number of bird deaths involving windmills in the New England area please publish them on this blog. In the very near future we may be faced with some hard choices like windmills, or nuclear power plants, oil lamps and iceboxes etc. I think it is time that someone comes up with some proof of the overall destructive threat of wind power in the USA. If we follow the bird death argument then I would assume that there are no birds left at all in Holland, or other countries that have used wind power for several hundred years.
Please someone, prove me wrong, and also, offer me a better and safer alternative before we all roast to death, and prove to me that the whole topic is not just more junk science because the earth really just took a wobble in the wrong direction and it will all be better in ten years.

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