Sunday, September 03, 2006

Starting the Micro Home

Yesterday I went over the site where we are going to build the Solar Micro Home and I measured off the work space and cleared the area of brush and weeds etc. This home is going to be movable so We will build it on leveled concrete blocks. I will post some photos as soon as the rain stops and I can take some decent ones. The next step is to lay out all the concrete blocks and get them level and square. Then we will set in the treated lumber floor joists and flooring. That will give us a nice level platform to build the walls on. I will post photos as we go along.
I accidentally deleted a readers comment this morning and if the reader wants to repost it he is more than welcome. It had to do with water heating and when I tried to comment back I lost the whole thing! We like to know that someone is reading our blog. It is ok to plug your energy products in your comments. We need all of the choices we can get when it comes to energy saving products, but please stick to energy saving products only. So please comment!

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