Friday, December 01, 2006

My New Eye by Walter H. Barrett

I am sorry that I am behind in my postings this week, but it has been a rather interesting week! As many of you know, I am now on the sunny side of seventy-four, and I recently found that I had serious cataract problems with both of my eyes. The right eye was so bad that I was legally blind in that eye. Well in the old days I would have been doomed to just quietly go blind, and that would have seriously hampered my business career. Now it seems that it was just a minor set back in my busy life.
The long story short is that I walked into the hospital Tuesday morning at 6 AM legally blind in my right eye and walked out at 10 AM the same morning with 20-15 vision, and no more glasses as soon as they do the other eye in the very near future. Fifty years ago if anyone had told me that story I would have been rolling around on the floor laughing at them. It just goes to show that in spite of our many problems we have made some progress in this world.
It brings to mind a night in the late nineteen thirties that my Dad came home from work one evening, and in the glow of our oil lamp lit dinner table he told us that he saw a radio in a box in the window of the radio store in town, and the box showed talking motion pictures. He was always teasing us with his tall tales, and my Mother called him a liar and said "There could never be such a machine!" There may be a lesson in there somewhere. I know one thing for sure; I have literally gone from oil lamps to the internet in my life!
I'll be seeing you!

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