Thursday, December 14, 2006

Selling The Inexpensive Solar Water Pump by Walt Barrett

You know,there is only one way to prove a point really fast -- "Put your money where your mouth is!" That is why I decided to lower the price of our Solar Well Pump Kit to an insane $750.00 plus shipping. We have to get this equipment out there even if we lose money! The point is that people need the equipment and we can make up the losses with volume sales in the future -- we hope!
I have tried everything else to no avail, and I will not pay for position on the search engines. I think that concept stinks, and they (The search engine companies) are a bunch of hypocrites to be complaining about certain companies that want to charge a premium for speedier service on the Internet that is totally clogged with unnecessary spam and other crap that we just have to deal with unless we want the government interfering in that too. Paying for advertising is totally fair, but paying for position defeats all the other principles of proper web page design, key words etc, if a major big guy can shut the little guys out with his big money. Why have a web crawler at all if you are going to defeat or dilute the results with money from big business -- Our real government!
The pump for our system alone retails for as much as $600.00 on the Internet, the controller for over $100.00, and the collector for over $300.00, on other web sites, That is a $1000.00 value for only $750.00 plus shipping. We have to find out if there is a future in the solar business or not!

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