Thursday, February 08, 2007

Battery Reconditioning and Recycling As a Business by Walt Barrett--A brief outline

I first learned about the care and maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries in 1953 while attending Flight Engineer School in the USAF. Since that time I have had a keen interest in the battery business, among other things, and have continued to study the performance and quirks of the Lead Acid Battery.
Every motor vehicle in the world has a battery in it these days. Obviously, this is a huge market. Many batteries are removed from vehicles, boats and tractors, and thrown on the scrap heap. There are many regulations that were written by the EPA that detail the proper disposal of these discarded batteries. Batteries contain both diluted sulfuric acid (electrolyte,) and lead, which the positive and negative plates are manufactured from. If a depleted battery is returned to one of the major battery manufactures, they will totally recycle the entire battery saving all the lead, the acid, and even the plastic. This is obviously a good thing.
About 1980 we started a business to recycle these Lead Acid Batteries. The original name of the company was the Battery Doctor. We can no longer use that name, however, because I never registered the trademark. Being an honest person all my life, I never stopped to realize that a competitor would register a very similar name, and force me to stop using the name that I had used for many years. They did not care that I was a 73-year-old Korean War Veteran, or how long I had used the name, or anything else. This is a hard lesson to learn, and that is why I am mentioning it in my business blog. Always register all of your trademarks, and company names etc. Having said that, it’s time to move on to the mechanics of the battery rejuvenation business.
Not all batteries on the scrap heap are junk. In 1980 we developed a formula that would rejuvenate many dead batteries. After testing it on our own vehicles, and reviving many other batteries, we started a small battery business on the side. We gave a 12 month pro-rated warranty. We were selling to a lot of people that could not afford to purchase new batteries, and also to a great many used car dealers. Many owners of large tractor-trailer trucks would bring us four large 12-volt batteries at a time to test and recondition. We also picked up a dealership to sell new batteries, and that really gave us the best of both worlds. There is a very healthy profit margin in new batteries. It worked out pretty well, and we ran the business successfully until 1996 when our China Depot web site business just took too much of our time to go on with the actual reconditioning of the batteries.
It was at this time that we decided it would be a good idea to share our process with others who wanted to get into the business. We could continue to mix and sell our secret formula as it only took a few hours a week to mix and package. We developed our instruction manual based upon everything we had learned about batteries over the years, and gave it free to anyone who purchased our secret formula. We also give free samples to those who will pay the postage.
The program has been very successful, and we get a great many repeat orders. We are currently in the process of editing a complete video describing the entire testing and reconditioning process for the batteries. It will be available on CD by the end of February 2007.
The battery reconditioning business is a very Green business in more ways than one. Anyone who is interested in learning more should contact us at: we currently sell the chemicals from our web site at
I would also like to advise anyone interested in the business that there is no need to invest thousands of dollars to get started. You can start a modest operation for about three hundred dollars maximum if you have no equipment at all. We can show you how, and you can expand from there if you find that the business is the right one for you. We can offer you full customer support at no extra charge. We are happy just to sell you our powdered secret formula. We have a mixing facility both in the USA and India and welcome business from all countries.
Please check it out.
Note: I am currently working on an article about LED lighting for Micro Homes. Believe it or not, my biggest problem is getting responses from the component manufacturers. Their sales departments would not last too long around this company! At any rate, I hope to have it soon.

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