Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well it seems I haven't written on this blog in about a month. Time sure fly's when you get to be an old timer! Well, I have managed to keep my photo blog up to date and, my China Depot blog isn't too far behind.
The truth is that I have been very busy. We are busy building a small TV studio, and gathering up energy saving products to sell with our new video advertising program we are starting when the studio is finished. There will be a solar water pump installation video, and another one to follow for a windmill we expect here from China in about sixty days.
It seems that energy costs have not yet gone high enough to stimulate the sales of energy savings products into a serious mass market business as of yet. Let's see what happens when the fuel prices go above $4.12 per gallon. This is going to be very interesting! I'm getting ready now, how about you?
If you haven't ordered you emergency hurricane generators yet -- What are you waiting for? It's too late when the power goes out!
We also have an exciting new water source heat pump that will cool your home, heat your pool, and hot water at the same time.
I have also been very busy collaborating on a Great new SciFi movie script for a good friend in Hollywood. We hope to see it filmed in the fall.
Please visit our photo blogs and photo albums on Google. I promise you some great photos of people, places, and things.
Have a great day!

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