Sunday, March 09, 2008

A stronger case for micro homes by Walt Barrett

Well I just read an article in the morning paper about an elderly grandmother in Maine Who is really in a struggle. It seems that she is barley keeping alive due to her lack of money to pay for the ever-rising fuel costs. This story is being repeated over and over in the northern states from coast to coast. In her particular case she is in a rented home and hopefully she will find a way to move into a more efficient place to live.
This just brings up a point for future reference that we are going to have to take a long hard look at micro homes for people with borderline incomes . Micro homes are cheap to build, cheap to heat and cheap to cool. They are also much easier to run totally off the grid, thus saving money for utilities. Micro homes are easily built from recycled building materials. They can just as easily be built from adobe or straw bales. The point is that they are affordable. We just need a place to put them. It’s time for our local government to start working on the idea and allow areas where these homes can be built on smaller lots etc. Land prices are a problem in spite of the current decline in real estate prices. We need more people to get behind the idea of building energy efficient micro homes. For more information go to and search micro homes, small home or mini homes, and Plan to use solar hot water, solar electric, LED lighting, Please feel free to write to the author for advice.

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