Tuesday, April 22, 2008

About an existing solar micro home by Walt Barrett

My friend Bryan Ebbenga has written to me about a solar micro home his friend built and I have included a link to his very informative site in this blog. My response is below.
Good Morning Bryan:
Thanks for sending me the link to your friends web site. Lamar certainly has the right idea. I see that the home faces south and the exterior construction looks very neat and professional. http://www.freewebs.com/simplesolarhomesteading/
There are several companies around the USA building a similar style and it is quite like the one I grew up in except my home was 20' X 24' with the same type of loft, and we had room for a small staircase to the two room sleeping loft.

I plan to mass produce a micro home and have two types in mind. One would be similar to the one I own now, but 20' X 24' in Kit form, and one would be long and narrow and low enough to ship assembled on a flat bed and still clear the over passes. Both homes are already pre-engineered to be totally off the grid. Next week I plan to start the platform for a 10' x 14' flat roof shippable unit just for practice so to speak. I'm going to build it on rails and then slide it under my deck to use as additional storage space and my vegetable oil powered backup generator shed.
This will free up a lot of space in my basement inventors workshop.
This project will help me develop the final techniques I will use in my assembly plant if we decide to move forward. I am still concerned if there is an actual market for these units yet, and where people will put them. I think the real market is in the southwest as the population races out of the freezing cold economically dead northeast.
I am using free recycled insulated tempered glass from sliding glass doors that have been removed as part of renovations projects. Friends of mine have been donating various types of left over construction materials. It's a fun project with serious consequences.
I believe that the upcoming horrific increase in fuel cost will advance this idea rapidly, and also force the re engineering of existing home in the cold climates. They will have to be divided up inside into clusters of micro living spaces that are more heat able with far less energy use. Large homes will soon be basically a thing of the past in the colder parts of the world. At any rate, we'll soon be finding out.
Happy Earth Day!

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