Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another way to make money in the Battery Service business by Walt Barrett

Revised April 2008 and featuring an additional and very needed service for sealed batteries that are advertised as no maintenance batteries.
Here is an additional new money making service from Walt Barrett
You know, years ago I discovered by opening up dead sealed batteries and checking inside that they were low on water. Now everyone thinks that sealed batteries do not need distilled water added, but I have found from checking dead sealed batteries on our own vehicles that just isn’t true. Now, I propose that you start a service doing preventative maintenance service on sealed batteries that would consist of the following steps.
1. Remove the battery from the vehicle and clean it thoroughly including the posts and cable ends.
2. Place the battery on a test bench in dim light and shine a bright extension light on the rear long side of the battery. When you do this you will be able to see the fluid levels inside of most batteries. If the fluid is low, proceed to step three.
3. Using our special stop drill you will bore a ½ inch hole into each cell using the dividing lines on the top of the battery to go by. Add a tablespoon of our dry chemical formula to each cell and then top off each cell with distilled water. NEVER USE TAP WATER!
4. Place one of our specially provided sealing caps in each ½ inch hole you bored and seal the battery up. Now in the future you can easily check the water levels and service the battery without removing it from the vehicle.
5. Place the battery back in the vehicle, make sure the battery connections are clean and shiny and put then back.
6. Make sure the battery is bolted securely in place using the hardware provided.
7. Charge the customer fairly for your labor and materials. Remind him, or her to come back every two months for a quick health check up on their battery and ask about their other vehicles and equipment. Remind them how expensive new batteries are.
Never use any other chemical additives no matter what you hear or read. There are no miracle products, and not all batteries can be recovered. When the paste falls off the plates, the battery is junk –Period.
Never spend thousands of dollars to get into this business. It is a shoestring business. Anyone can get in and do it!
For those of you who wrote, your free training manual will be sent today.
Be sure to watch the training video on youtube. Just type in "chinadepot" in the search box.

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