Thursday, April 03, 2008

Small local vegetable farms to make a comeback by Walt Barrett

This is just my opinion, but I have had very good luck at seeing into the future. The way I see it with the rising energy costs and no quick solutions in site, we are looking at a constant increase in costs at the Supermarket due to the extremely high transportation costs. This brings up an interesting opportunity that is worth investigating. It is highly likely that the supermarkets in most areas will turn to the local farmers for fresh vegetables and maybe even cut flowers. This provides an opportunity for even people with the smallest plots of land to do some intensive organic farming and make a tidy little side income. You can also make direct retail sales if you are able to put up a small counter right at your mini farm. People love fresh vegetables free of pesticides and will even pay a small premium. Another benefit for your local clients is that it could reduce the number of longer trips to the super market.

Marketing is the key to successful businesses. Once you have established that great patch of tomato's, or whatever crop or crops you have decided upon, it’s time to market your product.
If people don’t know you are there it’s pretty hard to sell your products.
Well the cheapest advertising is the little vegetable counter right in plain site of course. But that is not enough in many cases so then you have to turn to the free ads in the shopper’s guides etc. If you own a pickup truck you can put a neat sign on the tailgate that says FRESH VEGETABLES and your PHONE NUMBER below. It’s amazing how many people are seeing your tailgate when you are driving around. It beats the sides of the truck any day of the week! Then of course there is always the Internet. I have noticed that a lot of small country towns have their own web page and that many small businesses are allowed to advertise their products and services. If your town doesn’t have one, then start one. It’s a no brainer and takes only a few dollars for the web space to do it on. Most Internet providers give you a fair amount of free space when you sign up. Now, there’s another source of income for you! You have to be always thinking.
Anyway, small vegetable farming is a green business if you choose to run it that way and like I said it’s due for a major comeback due to the high-energy costs. Think about it!
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