Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A to Z Global Marketing To Mass Produce Micro Homes starting around $10,000.00 by Walt Barrett

Well this has been a while in coming, but the time has finally arrived. A to Z Global Marketing Inc, the parent company of is building a test model of a totally off the grid Solar Micro Home. The proof of concept model will be evaluated and used to solicit orders. These units will be trucked over the road at eight feet wide, and lengths from eight, ten, twelve, fourteen and sixteen feet will be available. Electricity and hot water will be provided by solar energy. Heat will be passive solar with a small backup heater for inclement weather. If a realistic demand is proven an assembly line will be set up for the mass production of the units. Prices for the tiny solar homes will start in the ten thousand dollar range plus delivery, or may be picked up at the factory. Prices could come down as the sales and production increase. These units will be built entirely in the USA using green energy materials. The model home project is currently underway and mass production could start as early as September if the model home proves marketable. Current housing costs for both rental and purchase make it impossible for huge number of working class couples and singles to afford a decent place to live. If you add the current high prices of heat, fuel, and electricity it is virtually impossible for most American workers to ever rent, or own decent housing. People living in the colder climates like New England are looking at impossible winter energy costs, and the prices of fuel and electricity are still climbing. Unfortunately, wages have failed to keep up with these ever-rising costs. Therefore we have decided to use our considerable technology to provide an autonomous home at the lowest possible price.

The project will be financed totally with China Depot's considerable profits from the global sale of tractors, generators and other products, and the EBay store China-Depot-100 a large part of which will now be used to benefit low-income American workers and retirees. Interested parties should contact Walter H. Barrett for more details, or to get on a special mailing list progress report. We also invite your comments and suggestions.
It’s about time we took a whole new approach to housing for the masses. without price gouging and excess profits. It’s not about the money. It’s about the people.

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