Monday, August 11, 2008

Building Micro Home roof rafters by Walt Barrett

It's raining again today here in Rhode Island. This is the wettest summer I have seen in many a year! Well anyway, I'm going to set up the ridge board inside the workshop and nail all the rafter clips to it. At least that will speed up the process of getting the roof on when the rain stops. Let me repeat, this is the last home we will ever build out doors, or stick by stick.
I will post photos of all the rafters installed ASAP.
I am currently planning the solar electric system. It has to be sized correctly. There will be enough power for the lighting, a radio, a TV, and a computer. We are not planning on any other electrical appliances. Each home will come with a solar clothes dryer. That's NASA talk for a free clothes line. You cannot be off the grid economically if you are planning on a bunch of energy sucking appliances.
The Micro life style is great way to save a ton of money!

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