Friday, August 08, 2008

Micro Home comments from Bryan Ebbenga

The comments and suggestions below are from Bryan Ebbenga, and I will be answering each suggestion individually on another blog. These are all excellent suggestions. I will make two responses now though.
1. We are converting solar 12 volts to 120 volt 60 Hz House current as part of our being totally off the grid with these homes.
2. We already have the Tyvek vapor barrier and we will be fully insulated.
We welcome all comments and criticism's
Bryan's comments below
Thanks Bryan!
for long term energy saving and comfort.
consider insulating the ceiling and have a trap door that closes to keep the heat down in main living area in winter, and open in summer for cooling,
We always got a nice air flow in our farm house, 1st floor windows open, stairwell door open, and air flowing up through attic trapdoor through attic and out the roof vents, cools the house down overnight through convection.
Can post this to blog if you wish as a comment. Bryan Ebbenga

Wow! Nice job on the windows and doors! Vinyl will last forever, no painting and will never rot. Question- will you be using a plastic vapor barrier on the inside? Will the roof have venting from soffit to ridge or will it be through small windows in the end walls? When you wire the house, will you put in 120 volt and 12 volt lines? Phone and cable? Cable for sat dish? Provide for some watertight entries into the roof end walls for future roof installs for solar electric, sat dish, TV antenna, etc?
As simple a a piece of 1 inch PVC through the wall, tilted to the outside for drainage, caulk around it and put a cap on the inside.
I am waiting to see what products from China Depot you will be using for heat and light and water system.
Go Green!
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