Monday, August 11, 2008

Micro Home Discussion Page for All by Walt Barrett

Please note that this is my third post this morning on this site. There is Micro Home news below this post.
I have decided to start a Micro Home Discussion Page. We have registered a new Domain and it will be up this afternoon. I am preparing data for Dave, our in house web master now.
This will be a free discussion page where participants can post Articles, tips and comments to the moderator for posting to the site. Photos are allowed if pertinent to the Micro Home or Alternate Energy field. We are open to all kinds of suggestions. This site is sponsored by us to help you in a free exchange of ideas. We have to get a handle on the rising housing and energy costs, and I hope you will get excited about the idea.
I have discovered that there are many people hungry for this type of information, and I'm willing to pay the freight, as they say, for this project.
All submissions may be sent to and just tell me if you do not want your address shown on the site.
Thanks for participating.
Walt Barrett President
A to Z global Marketing Inc

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