Thursday, August 28, 2008

More wiring of the micro home by Walt Barrett

Now that all of the electrical boxes are in and hardwired We have started to install all of the plug sockets etc. This won't take long because in a tiny off the grid micro home there are only about a dozen boxes to do, but they have to be done right and follow the local electrical codes. We are very busy of course and the project is lagging, but we have already gained a wealth of information The solar power system will be up and working well before the interior is finished. This will give us plenty of light to work by.

Photos coming shortly.

I have now decided on a composting toilet that will directly feed a composting bin with earthworms under the building. It will be similar to the on in the Bronx Zoo in New York City. We will build it our selves, and will detail the construction with photos etc. We expect it to be odor free with our stack design, we'll see. And now its off to work on the micro home.


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