Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Micro Home Wiring Photo Details by Walt Barrett

I have attached some photos of the wiring details. Progress is slow this week due to a heavy sales and shipping schedule. We have pre drilled every stud before assembly, all in the exact same spot 24 inches up from the bottom and on center. There is a photo of a corner detail with a snake wire in to to pull the heavier wire through easily. This method is the neatest and strongest way to go structurally. It does not weaken the corner. We have also shown the placement of the electrical boxes for the female 120 volt plugs. We hope to have more progress to show you soon.
We will soon have LED Light Bulbs that only draw 3 watts at 120 volts and they are supposed to be a very bright but warm white for reading etc. We'll see, because we will be testing them and publishing non flash photo of the actual results. We have found a very reasonable source. They are also available in 12 volts DC. We have elected to invert the 12 volts Solar DC to 120 AC in our unit but will offer both options.

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