Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Free Course In Battery Reconditioning by Walt Barrett

I think that this is worth repeating. We are offering a free video course in battery reconditioning. Our chemicals that we developed over 25 years ago have brought back many a battery from the dead. We have thousands of satisfied customers. We know this because of the repeat sales and the email letters that we receive. Whether you are starting your own business of just trying to get a few more years from your expensive batteries, you should view this nine minute video that has been viewed by over 50,000 people on YouTube alone. It has also been mirrored on many other video sites world-wide. The video teaches you how to test and service lead acid batteries, and how to determine if they are even savable to begin with. The chemicals are available though our well known web site Please view the video at this link below.
Many people are now using very expensive batteries for storage in solar and wind power systems. The market for proper battery service is really starting to open up. Learn how to service even sealed lead acid batteries too because they do run out of water and we show you how to bore into them, and refill them with deionized water and boost them with our famous dry powder chemical formula, and reseal them with our special caps.
Please write to me for a free copy of our battery service manual and go to our web site to obtain free samples for postage costs only.
Walt Barrett
P.S. The entire exterior including the roof of the solar micro home will be finished this weekend and the photos will be posted on this site. We are getting ready to market several micro home models.

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