Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Economy, Green Energy, and The Micro Home by Walt Barrett

The Barrett Family Mansion in 1933.
I kept this early micro home, and completely refurbished it as a reminder.
It has been upgraded to what my parents always dreamed it would be.
It serves as a reminder as to what can be accomplished in only one life time. I am now very concerned about my children and grand children's future.

We have been receiving a lot of encouragement lately in the form feedback from our readers. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out to comment back to me. We have a lot of things scheduled for the micro home project in the coming year. We will build a mass producible, continuous composting toilet from mostly recycled plastic and hope to make it a commercial success. We have already developed a successful department in our eBay store selling Light Emitting diode Light bulbs.

These things are going to change the world as they save over 90% of the average lighting bill. Now if we can get the rest of our appliances to do that we'll be in great shape. LED bulbs are more expensive to buy initially, but will operate for at least 50,000 hours and pay for themselves rapidly. We are using a great deal of the profits from our business to develop new energy saving products for our many customers. It's good for them, and it's good for us. We hope in our own small way to make things better for the people of our country.

Now am going to make some comments that may make some of you very unhappy with me, but I have really paid my dues to our county and this is how I feel about the state of things. You may want to stop reading right now. If you are wondering about my politics, I am a very independent voter. This time I felt compelled to vote for Obama.

All businesses and people have an obligation to try and make our country a better place. Personally, I am disgusted at the amount of greed that we are currently seeing here! I am approaching age 76, but I am hoping to stick around long enough to do some little thing to help change this country for the better. Some mornings I receive some pretty heart breaking letters from people that have been on the receiving end of the giant raw deal that many of our fellow citizens have been subjected to lately. The hardest working people seem to be the ones whom are suffering the most in this country.

As a product of the great depression myself, I can tell you that it's no fun to be so poor that you are just praying every day that your hard working Dad will come home from a day labor job with enough money to buy some food and pay the mortgage. It's up to us that have the means to try and make things better. People need to have some kind of productive work, a decent place to live, and food to put on the table. We have the money and the technology to do it. We don't need welfare, we need opportunity. We cannot depend on our government to do it. What we don't have is the proper leadership. Maybe it's time we started taking care of things at home instead of squandering our money all over the world in the name of freedom and security! Those are scare tactics. What about our own citizens that are suffering here? The fact is that we have the power to vaporize a whole mountain range full of terrorists, and get our boys the hell out of there. We should not be wasting money in countries where even the dirt is worn out, they hate us, and all they do is raise and sell drugs that kill our kids, and we don't even destroy their drug crops. Where is the logic in that? You know, it's pretty hard for an enemy to wage a war on us if we show them that the reward for those countries is what it's like to live without food, water, electricity, sewerage treatment, hospitals and all the other trappings of civilization, and then we don't go in their and rebuild their stinking country as a reward for killing our people.

As a veteran of the Korean War myself, I have come to believe that congress could really give a rat's ass about the poor and the veterans in this country. They need to get real! Around here, the VA hospital is a joke where homeless Vets that sleep under bridges stand in line for hours to try and get a bit of relief from a host of ailments that they now suffer from because of what they have seen or done or have been subjected too. Let's tell it how it really is. It's an insult to me for some draft dodging politician or right wing draft dodging loud mouthed, bigoted, radio and TV commentator to stand up and declare us all hero's. What the hell would either of them know about it. Medals don't hack it anyway. Being able to make a living does it much better for me!

I am really upset about the way things are going, and I hope that anyone who feels the same way as I do will put pressure on their politicians at all levels to get their act together and start living in the real world. It's time we started running government at all levels more like a business, and start taking care of our own people for a change! We all have the power to change things if we go after the people that are lying to us, and lining their own pockets, and screwing us over in general. We need to do away with all political contributions. They are just a legal and corrupting form of bribery.

How much longer are people going to put up with this crap! Meddling all over the world is what got us into this mess. Look what happened in Russia, They went broke trying to run the world. When will people ever learn that you have to take care of business at home first.

I intend to spend the rest of my life, in my own way, trying to make things better for all of us. Let's not let these self serving white collar criminals take our great country away from us!

And by the way,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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