Saturday, August 29, 2009

Manufacturing Composting Toilets, Solar Power Systems, and Battery Recycling Chemicals by Walt Barrett

We have been very busy with orders for our Composting Toilets $195.00 and Solar Power systems $999.00, and battery recycling chemicals $2.99 plus postage. We have developed a urine separator for our composting toilet which is major step in controlling odors generated by mixing the two together, and also the urine can build up rapidly in a small composter and cause problems. The urine separator is a major strep forward for us. We are located in Rhode Island and are shipping our Composting Toilets and Solar Power systems as far away as Seattle, Washington. We have also gone global with our Battery Recycling Chemicals and are enjoying very strong sales of our complete business packages including all tools, equipment and chemicals for only $999.00. Our Battery Recycling Kits start at only $2.99 plus postage to do two 12 volt automobile size batteries. Please write to for a free training manual and free video link.
Living off the power grid is finally becoming very popular, and I would encourage all of my friends to consider getting into some form of green related business ASAP. If you need a good supplier you might consider our company. We are known for our low prices and very strong customer service. Our EBay store (china-depot-100) has a 100% customer feedback rating.

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