Monday, September 28, 2009

Maintenance Free Car Battery Failures by Walt Barrett

We have seen several reports, and also have noticed in our own workshop that many of these expensive so called "maintenance free" sealed batteries experience premature failure. The sales gimmick is that because they are sealed and valve regulated they do not require water to be added to them. Well lead acid batteries have to be vented, or the gases generated while charging will build up, and cause problems while charging. In a perfect world this might not happen but it is a fact that many sealed batteries are losing water, and it is not leaking out in most cases. We can only assume that through variances in voltage regulator design that many of these failed batteries suffer to a certain degree from accidental overcharging. Our company offers a kit that allows you to install filler caps in your sealed battery if it is low on water. This kit also then allows you to check the condition of each cell and to do hydrometer tests. You can write to for full details. We are seeking dealers for our products.
In a related story, This week we restored two badly sulfated giant 36 volt forklift batteries with a replacement value of $6,000.00 each. We used our 25 year old proven restoration dry chemical formula. Our customer was very happy to pay $150.00 dollars for each battery and that included our 12 month prorated warranty.
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