Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free Green Business Training by Walt Barrett

Free Training

This is the most recent posting for free training at www.waltbarrett.com where there are videos too.

A lesson in recycling.

Well over a month ago a man brought me two giant electric forklift batteries valued at $6800.00 each and asked me if I could restore them. I had him leave them at my inventors workshop, and I performed several tests on them determining that they were badly sulfated due to sitting several years in a warehouse unattended. We added our special formula chemical and put them on a very long slow charging cycle for nearly two weeks. The long story short is that the man called me several days ago and told me the batteries were performing perfectly. We had charged him $300.00 for our time and chemicals to do such large batteries. We saved him $13,300.00 in replacement costs. Now this week he has delivered another large forklift battery for our restoration process.
If you would like to receive free training in our process you can start by watching the free videos on this page. http://www.chinadepot.com/batripod.html

Floating vegetable garden research by Walt Barrett

I’m doing a flash research project to get up to speed on building floating vegetable gardens and their productivity. It seems the process is thousands of years old but forgotten in many parts of the world, yet widely used in South East Asia. I am finding that by using recycled materials like used water bottles, along with other salvaged materials it is possible to develop some very large gardens and I intend to develop the process.

The technology is simple and eliminates the need for irrigation totally. Floating gardens also cut up to two months off the growing cycle of many vegetables. The best data I have found so far is under “Floating Gardens” on a www.youtube.com search search. We need to spread this technology to those that do not have it already. The project can actually be zero cost except for the seeds. It just requires a little ingenuity.


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