Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Green Business Projects for 2009-2010 by Walt Barrett

We have actually been involved in Green Business activities since the early nineteen seventies when we started building solar heating systems and water source heat pumps. We also started manufacturing battery restoration chemicals over 25 years ago. Our battery business is a highly successful business world wide, and is a stand alone business all by itself.
We are are still selling those items and have added several more over the years. We are currently selling the latest solar heating and hot water equipment, water source heat pumps, solar electric systems, solar water pumping systems, wing turbines, hydro turbines, Electric cars and scooters.
In 2009 we began manufacturing solar powered micro homes that operate totally off the power grid. These homes include our own manufactured composting toilets, grey water systems, LED lighting systems 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC, and all of the other related systems required to live in such a home. Due to the terrible situation in our economy right now, sales of these items have been slow compared to our tractor and farm equipment sales etc. Although tractors and related equipment are a relatively expensive item we are selling more than ever. We also have a very successful business selling parts for all Chinese Tractors and generators. We feel that in order to lend credibility to selling Chinese tractors and equipment that it is imperative that we demonstrate a reliable source for repair parts for all Chinese products.
We also have a division in India that is well established and growing steadily.
Another division of ours that is doing quite well is our film division. We have been producing our own Internet video commercials since the late nineteen nineties. We are also producing DIY films for our customers and are now moving into full length entertainment films for the Internet.
We also recently started a new division in China selling server space to Internet businesses.
All things considered, the Internet has been very good to us, and we expect that in spite of the terrible economy, we will continue to grow steadily.
We finished up 2009 with a profit, zero debt and money in the bank. We will continue to put forth new ideas and inventions in the years to come. Look for a lot more interesting video from us this year. Many of them will be free. Our business is really to put you in business.
Thank you for your business!
Walt Barrett President
A to Z Global Marketing Inc. AKA

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