Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Sleeping Giant Of Green Businesses by Walt Barrett

You know, My education in the proper care and maintenance of lead acid batteries began nearly 60 years years ago when I was in Flight Engineering School in the USAF during the Korean War. Prior to that I had worked in various auto repair shops as a part time mechanic. So I guess it's only natural that I always had a great interest in the care of batteries, especially when you are flying in a B-29 bomber, and your life could depend on restarting an engine, or some in other in flight power emergency. You can't just call a tow truck for a boost, and those old engines on the B-29 could be pretty cranky at times! So combining that training, and a love for chemistry, I started restoring sulfated automobile and truck batteries about twenty-five years ago. It always was a great little business, and I always made good money at it. I had developed a formula mixed from a combination of dry chemicals, and if a battery passes a group of basic tests that I leaned many years ago, then it has a 75% chance of coming back and being fully serviceable again. Fifteen years ago I took the money I made from doing batteries, and started an Internet company. Then one day it struck me that I could take my battery reconditioning chemicals global. Well about that time the Green Movement was starting to take hold and the business began to steadily grow. During the past year the sales have grown astronomically to the point where we sell more product in one day that we used to sell in a year.
Over the years we discovered that there is a huge market to restore electric fork lift batteries. Fork lift batteries are seriously abused by careless employees and out program includes sending out field service technicians. At over six thousand dollars a battery, and sometimes double that, these services are in serious demand.
In light of this huge explosion of business we have decided to offer partial or complete equipment packages to our many customers. We now offer some serious heavy duty professional equipment at our usual very reasonable prices.
Let us offer you 100% free training through our video instruction, and our free training manual. This field is exploding, and if you need a business, or just some serious part time income, you should contact me right away. You will even learn how to do sealed batteries. Walt Barrett President,
Please take a minute to review this top notch equipment pictured above (click able), that is available from me through my company. I hope that you will at least try my secret battery formula. Kits start at only $13.95 enough to do two batteries. We include a complete marketing plan in our free training manual, and we provide full technical support 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday EST.

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