Saturday, August 21, 2010

Silvio - An Interview From My Documentary About Our Economy by Walt Barrett

 With the upcoming elections, and the terrible state of the economy, I have decided to do a series of documentary interviews with various citizens around my home state of Rhode Island which has one of the poorest economies in the entire USA.  My First interview is with a very interesting retired gentleman who is working part time to make ends meet.  I would like you to meet Silvio.  Please click on this You Tube Link.
    I will try to post as many of these interviews as I can prior to the upcoming elections .  Americans have to take a more active part in the way our country is being governed at all levels.  We have to stop wasting tax money and start to take care of business at home.  We have veterans sleeping under bridges for Gods sake,  The infrastructure is crumbling from underneath us, and you cant buy a decent Job!
Where the hell are people's heads at anyway!
It's time to stop the madness!

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