Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Thoughts About The Economy And Micro Homes by Walt Barrett

   I haven't had a chance to write very much this year.  With this terrible economy we have had for the past couple of years we have had to fight hard for every nickel.  Then to add insult to injury I have had four minor strokes this year, if you can ever call a stroke minor.  So My son John, who has been basically running things for a number of years now anyway, is carrying on with the businesses, and I am really going to take life easy.  However, writing, film making, and inventing stuff is still fun for me so I will continue to do that.
   It's no secret that I grew up very poor, and worked in the mills. That fact should explain my never ending concern for the poor and disadvantaged.  I want to talk a bit about the business of micro homes, and micro apartments because the subject really ties into poverty.   I knew when I saw the micro home trend coming back over the past few years that the micro home revival was going to be a bumpy road to travel for many reasons.  It's mostly the laws in each city and town that are jamming up the works.  Smaller homes  mean smaller tax evaluations, and most cities and towns never met a dollar they didn't want to wrap their arms around.  I sometimes wonder if these politicians ever even realize that they are actually white collar criminals  with the deals they are pulling in their daily activities wasting our tax money.  Because of all this corruption we are going to continue to have major economic problems in our cities and towns, and things are going to worsen to the point where these cities and towns start folding one after another.  I have predicted this before in my writings over the years.  We are starting to see it now.  You cannot spend more money than you take in, and you cannot tax the people to death trying to pay for your excesses.  Over spending has been the downfall of every empire in recorded history.  Eventually the taxpayers will rise up and solve the problem one way or the other, and their solutions have not always been kind in other countries, take France for an example, and I would hate to see that.  So where do you come into all this?  Well you just don't want to be living in one of those cities, or towns when the food, the fuel, and the Beer runs out, and the rioting starts. It's going to be be worse than amateur night in Rwanda!   When, not if this happens is the time to have a fall back position.  For instance, A remote micro home that is self sustaining, far from the city, the rioters and the looters is not too shabby of an idea.  If you think I'm being extreme just go back and check history in similar cases.  You can start with the middle east recently.  Anyway, all I'm saying is that hard times are coming, and living is going to become even more expensive and you must start taking even more defensive measures.  Smaller homes are less expensive to build, to heat, and to pay taxes on.  What's wrong with thinking about that?  You have to protect yourself and your family these days because the politicians are behaving like they are determined to trash the lower and middle class Americans, and nobody votes anymore so they are getting away with it.  We have money to fight wars and give away to everyone except war veterans and needy Americans.  Don't kid yourself, both parties have given away the store!  I already know that at age 78 I have already seen the best years of America, and they are far behind me. What a country we used to be.  It's all downhill from here and the public sits idly by and doesn't even pay attention, how sad is that.