Monday, August 15, 2011

How to save yourself from being scammed $127.35 on a battery. by Walt Barrett

 My niece who has 3 kids to support was recently laid off for the summer came by today at my request with a sealed battery that the garage told her was no good. They said it had shorted cells. They wanted $105.00 plus labor to replace it. I took it to my workshop, peeled off the top label and found and removed rubber plugs that fit flush to the top of the battery.
I immediately noticed the low water in the battery. I added a table spoon of battery chem to each of the six cells which were all reading 2 volts each on my initial test but the electrolyte hydrometer test indicated low charges in each cell. After I added the Battery Chem, I added distilled water to each cell and recharged it. The battery now tested perfect and My niece took it home. I never charge my family so my niece saved $105.00 for the new battery, $7.35 sales tax, at least 10.00 labor plus $5.00 battery disposal charge. She was very happy having saved $127.35!
Battery Chem is the way to go!