Saturday, October 29, 2011

Walt Barrett’s USA Depot Stores Site Adding All Made In USA Eco Green Cleaning Products by Walt Barrett

   We are building the new site this coming Monday and Tuesday for the Eco Green Laundry soap and the other new green products coming in the following weeks. The Site will be and it is not pointed yet because there is no web page yet, but we have owned that domain for many years because I saw all this coming a long time ago. It is for made in USA products only. We own the manufacturing facility here in RI. All of our cleaning and washing products will be Green with no dyes, or toxic additives. We have discussed the product branding and because my name has been on the Internet for 16 years and is very well known in the green energy field for 40 years so we have decided on going with “Walt Barrett’s Eco Green Products” We need all of the leverage we can get to break into this very competitive field. To mix the concentrate properly you fill your empty pail, or jug halfway with warm water, add the dry mix and stir, or shake it until all is all dissolved, and then top off the container with more warm water. Always shake before using if you notice any settling. Do not expect suds. It is an ion exchange cleaning process. This product will not harm septic systems and contains totally natural ingredients. However, like any other laundry product you cannot eat or drink it. Our new web page will advertise the 5 gallon 2 cup dry package mix at $19.95 delivered anywhere in the lower 48 USA. It is also dividable into gallons by adding only 1/3 slightly rounded cup to a gallon of warm water. Add the dry mix first to a half gallon, shake to dissolve then fill the gallon jug up with more warm water. Please contact me with any changes, suggestions or ideas ASAP before the site goes up Monday or Tuesday. I would like to start shipping the product by next Thursday or Friday latest. BTW, everyone that I have polled with no exception prefers their product unscented. The current product has no smell at all. It’s amazing how many people prefer their laundry that way. Also, many scents can cause skin irritations. Please contact me ASAP if you are not clear on any of this. We are green, we are inexpensive, and we are 100% made in the USA and that makes us golden!
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