Monday, August 15, 2011

How to save yourself from being scammed $127.35 on a battery. by Walt Barrett

 My niece who has 3 kids to support was recently laid off for the summer came by today at my request with a sealed battery that the garage told her was no good. They said it had shorted cells. They wanted $105.00 plus labor to replace it. I took it to my workshop, peeled off the top label and found and removed rubber plugs that fit flush to the top of the battery.
I immediately noticed the low water in the battery. I added a table spoon of battery chem to each of the six cells which were all reading 2 volts each on my initial test but the electrolyte hydrometer test indicated low charges in each cell. After I added the Battery Chem, I added distilled water to each cell and recharged it. The battery now tested perfect and My niece took it home. I never charge my family so my niece saved $105.00 for the new battery, $7.35 sales tax, at least 10.00 labor plus $5.00 battery disposal charge. She was very happy having saved $127.35!
Battery Chem is the way to go!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Battery Chem is now on!
Battery Chem's New Forklift Reconditioning Business
An Important Message
From Walt Barrett Battery Chem is now on!
Hi Everyone,
Just a quick Sunday email from Walt and myself, we are so excited to tell you that Battery Chem is now featured on We are very proud to have our product on this great site.
And...if you were thinking of trying Battery Chem on your own car battery, now is your chance. Amazon is offering "free shipping", so why not give it a try. We know you are going to like it. And, you have us if you have any questions. We are here to help you.

Also wanted to tell you that we are going to have a Coaching Call coming up for anyone that that is interested in being their own boss! Walt will answer any questions you have about our new ForkLift Battery Reconditioning Business.
That will be coming up very soon, plans are still being made, will give you more information next week, so start writing down your questions, and we will give you the answers.
Will email more about it in a few days, enjoy your Sunday, and visit our site on Amazon!
Susan Blair
Sales Manager
Susan Blair, Sales Manager
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