Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fighting The Rising Fuel Costs by Walt Barrett

   I am well and writing again.  
If you are concerned about the rising fuel prices please consider this.  Fuel prices are governed by consumption and speculators are cleaning up at our expense. There are about 300 million motor vehicles on the road, not counting trains, tractors, airplanes, power generation, ships and other equipment.  Then there is also the heating oil and chemical industry.  At three to four dollars a gallon  If every consumer could save only three gallons a week the monetary savings would be astronomical, and imagine the loss to the suppliers. Suppliers really understand about losing a billion or so dollars a week and might look for ways to be more fair with their customers.  I remember that during WWII fuel prices were controlled and in spite of the shortages speculation was not allowed and the prices were fair.  
How many gallons of fuel a week can you save?  Even a gallon would help.  And why are we not using more domestic oil and increasing our refining capacity?  If our leaders (Both parties) were legitimately concerned about our welfare they would be doing something about it and the rest of our serious domestic problems!   I don't see it coming up at the debates either.  They are too busy trying to control women and what they do with their bodies!
Try to save at least three gallons of fuel a week.  It will put money in your pockets too!  Try to plan your trips, ride share, walk, bike, and use public transportation. It's going to pay off for you in the long run.  Remember, the consumer is king and we have to fight back!