Thursday, February 16, 2012

Starting A Green Business On Your Own by Walt Barrett

   The only employer that you can ever really depend on is yourself with a few caveats that you must consider first. Do you have the required skills and horse sense to run a business?  
They say to " Stay with what you know."  If you are doubtful and lack the confidence then you must fix that problem first, or not run a business.  Do you have enough money to start even a small part time business, which I feel is the best way to start?  Like, don't quit your day job.  That can be a huge problem!  Do you have the ability to hang onto the profits and reinvest them properly into the expansion of the business?  This is done by keeping the overhead down and doing most of the work required yourself in the beginning.
 Can you take the heat when people criticize you and try to ruin, or steal your dream?
 Now I'm going to tell you about an interesting green business experiment that I started in November just to give you an example of what is possible with virtually no money.  I wanted to do something green and simple so anyone could do it. I also want to make jobs for Americans and encourage the unemployed to become self employed. 
    I have always liked green products because I have lived in the woods and have been a wildlife photographer my entire life.  So I decided to make a green liquid laundry detergent that contained natural ingredients with no scents, or dyes in it, and would not harm your septic system, or the environment.  The next thing I did was to select some all natural mineral products that are mined in the USA and I mixed up my formula.  Then we did our own test loads at home and tweaked up the formula until we were satisfied.  The next thing we did was to make up many free test samples and hand them out to all our friends and many strangers too.  Each sample was in our new dry simply add water kit form and made a gallon of liquid detergent.  We told everyone to show no mercy and not to indulge us. The results were excellent!  Many people with skin allergies love scent free, all natural non allergic detergent.
    By January we had a web page up and running with a description of our product and a very reasonable price because the dry pack makes 5 gallons of green detergent and ships in a kit that is 20 ounces.  We opted for the dry kit form because of the extremely low shipping weight thus making the product even more affordable and desirable.  We then made a calculation that we could sell the kit delivered in the lower 48 USA for only $10.95.  You can't beat the price even in the local supermarket.  We have eliminated the middleman entirely and we are creating more jobs for Americans by mining and mixing the ingredients right here in the USA.
   We started selling with our new web page in January and the sales are gradually building.  It looks very promising.  We are using Pay Pal and our credit card setup to take the orders.  I believe it will take about a year to really develop into a fully successful business.  I will continue to report - good or bad.
   Each $10.95 delivered kit contains 5 packages and each package makes a gallon of liquid detergent.  We recommend 1/3 to 1/2 a cup per load.  The new HE machines use 1/4 to 1/3 cup per load.
Like most other products, serious oil and grease stains etc. require pre-treating the stains with some of the straight liquid.  To be very honest with you I couldn't believe hoe it to the grease and oil out of the work clothes that we tested.  They looked new!
This has turned out to be a huge money saving green product that will put Americans to work and also save them a great deal of money.
   I strongly suggest that you research out a green product that you can make yourself and start your own business to gain financial security and a better income.  
Please visit our web site at:Green Heron Detergent