Monday, May 21, 2012

Green Heron Laundry Detergent Expanding To House Wash and Concrete Floor Cleaner by Walt Barrett

A to Z Global Marketing Inc. Was looking for a Green mass market product that we could manufacture in the USA and put more Americans to work.  We decided that in spite of the incredible competition we would manufacture a high quality, low price Laundry detergent that would work in both the new HE machines and the Regular washers.  It has no scents, no suds or dyes added and is septic system safe.  The detergent is sold as a dry powder simply add water kit.  There are five packages in the kit and each package makes a gallon of Green Heron Laundry Detergent.  Our product is sold factory direct to the customers address.  A five gallon kit delivered in the lower 48 USA is only $10.95, that's only $2.19  a gallon delivered to your door and 5 gallons will do up to 320 loads!  People who use Green Heron are saving a fortune and very pleased with their laundry results.  

    The 5 gallon kits for the House Cleaner, Dock Cleaner and the Concrete Floor Cleaner cost only $18.95 Delivered in the USA.
That's only $3.79 per gallon.  It pays to shop factory direct!

   The product has been so successful that we now have Professional Cleaning Contractors using our newly formulated House Wash product and a Concrete Floor and Driveway Cleaner. Contractors can save a fortune on each job by using our cleaning products.
Interested parties should contact Walt Barrett President at: