Friday, August 10, 2012

Saving Your Company Thousands of Dollars Yearly by Walt Barrett

Every day I speak with mid level supervisors from both manufacturing companies and distributor warehouse operations. The conversations are always about the same subject which is the almost criminal misuse and neglect of their battery powered material handling equipment. The losses have to be in the millions of dollars! With money as tight as it is I find it unbelievable how few of the companies that I have spoken with have ever set up and enforced a maintenance and service plan for their equipment and they are paying a terrible price in lost productivity, new batteries and burned out motors and controllers.
The batteries alone cost literally thousands of dollars to replace and without proper service they can be ruined in less that a year instead of lasting 10 to 14 years. Apathy on the part of the people on the front lines who are supposed to be looking after this valuable equipment is absolutely pathetic! In many cases where I have spoken to supervisors they seem to be reluctant to enforce the equipment maintenance rules. Others tell me that management will not give them the manpower to get the job done. In many cases the equipment operators have never been instructed in the proper care and feeding of electric fork lift batteries which are always, it seems, severely neglected, under serviced and under charged. It makes you wonder how they treat their automobiles! The same is true for electric golf cart fleets and for the ever increasing number of electric cars and scooters that are powered by lead acid batteries. You cannot make a profit or save money if you are constantly replacing batteries.
Our business is formulating chemicals the prolong the life of lead acid batteries by fighting and removing sulfation from these batteries. We have been doing it for 27 years now and have gained a great deal of knowledge in the field. In order to market our product we found out early on that it is mandatory to educate our customers in the simple skills required to test and service large batteries. We do this for free and once we get a customer to use our products we just keep right on selling them more product as they need it. We are also available week days 9 AM to 4 PM for free customer support. So I suggest that if you are spending thousands of dollars in replacement batteries for your equipment that you contact me personally and I will give you a free training program for your people including setting up your own service program or recommending one of our service people (your choice) to solve this extremely expensive problem. What have you got to lose – the training is free.
We just want to sell our chemicals and you get to save thousands of dollars.
We are also seeking service companies and distributors for our product.
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