Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Price Cuts For Green Detergent Products by Walt Barrett

   Last November in an attempt to create more manufacturing jobs in our state I added a new branch to our Internet business.   I decided to use the profits from our other products to set up and mass produce a product right here in the USA. I did not want to produce just any product. I wanted to mass produce a product that was in daily high demand by many people. I knew that this market would be a very tough market to crack because highly profitable markets are always hard to break into. I also had to consider start-up and marketing costs. Because of the fact that I have many years experience researching, designing and inventing things and because we already formulate another chemical product I invented
 I decided to formulate and mix an Eco Green Laundry Detergent because who doesn't use laundry detergent? Now that is a real mass market item. I knew going in that we were facing incredible odds, but that is how it is when you go head to head with the big giants in a mass market situation. Our product is made from natural minerals dug from the ground right here in the USA. It will not harm septic systems, contains no phosphates, has no scents or dyes added to it and we have had no complaints of allergic reactions.
Frankly speaking, I was amazed to discover how inexpensive the ingredients were to purchase which allowed me to mix a very powerful laundry detergent, sell it cheaply, put people to work and still make a small profit, but old habits die hard and brand loyalty is very strong. So needless to say, we are not experiencing those mass market sales yet that we are looking for to create a lot of new jobs. We do not have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. We were and are still counting on the Internet and of course word of mouth.  We need to speed up the introduction of our Green Detergent into the mass market. 
  The people who are buying our product are absolutely amazed at how easily it removes dirt, oil, and grease from their work cloths and it is now all that we use for our own laundry at home.
We call our product Green Heron Laundry Detergent and we have it for sale on our web site www.USADepotStore.com. As of today we are selling our 5 gallon simply add water Five-Pack for only $9.95 delivered to your home anywhere in the USA. If you have an HE washer there is enough to do 320 loads. If you have a regular washer it will do 160 loads. 
Our 5 pack makes 5 full gallons of green laundry detergent. Only $9.95 delivered to your home.  That's less than $2.00 gallon
The people who have used this product on everything from greasy work clothes to baby diapers are extremely happy with our product and we are getting repeat orders, but frankly we need more business. So I am asking you to do us both a favor and to try our product and you will save as much as $70.00 in laundry detergent that really works and is made in the USA by American workers. Please tell your friends about us.
Thank you,
Walt Barrett