Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Time To Challenge The Regulations Against Micro Homes by Walt Barrett

Perhaps it is time for a major court challenge to the minimum house lot size and home size regulations nationwide. The current rules are not very kind to low income families. Our company was looking very hard at mass producing micro homes on a production line basis and has the cash to do the project, but we think that local building officials would cause such a business to fail very quickly. It's too bad because mass produced micro homes can sell for the same price as a compact car and still be profitable. I made a complete study and built a model home that is good for two people. I would like to double that size and mass produce it. With millions of people needing homes and many of the willing to live in a micro home there will have to be changes made in the building and planning codes. Think of the jobs involved.
We never had such oppressive codes in the 1930's when I was brought up in a 20' X 24' home with a sleeping loft and a small stairway to the loft. It certainly didn't kill me. Some people say that the minimum home sizes are really about collecting the most tax dollars from each home owner. I would like to see the American Civil Liberties Union take on these rules nation wide. After all, what is the justification for these rules when you think about it fairly? Everyone deserves a decent and affordable home.It may be time to go to court. Maybe these cities and towns should stop spending more money than they can take in. Another thing is that building permits here are sky high. Perhaps city and town officials are too corrupt and too powerful. The economy is so bad here that many people are just walking away from our state and moving to the south and south west.This is a serious problem that needs solving and soon.  It's time for real change in this country.