Monday, February 23, 2015

This is a new book/film that we are working on by Walt Barrett ©2014/2015

The adventures of jennifer starfield.  

A new blog by Walt Barrett

Your feedback good or bad is welcome.  

I have three granddaughters and Girls need role 

models too.  

A family oriented story.

 I want to thank everyone who has read or participated in this ongoing Book/Screenplay at this time and would just like to say that it is subject to changes in the near future as it is subject to more editing and possibly rearranging.  A book is one thing and a screen play is entirely another.  I am writing it live because I am keeping track of the numbers of people reading each segment.  I am also listening to any suggestions or other inputs.  It also keeps me "Under The Gun." so to speak which helps me to speed the process along.
   Although I am addressing some very advanced technology here at times and interaction between adults I am writing to a "Family Audience" because I want children to be able to either read it, or have it read to them by their parents.  I want both children and their parents to have a glimpse as far as thousand years into the future and  let their imaginations run wild.  To do this without boring people out of their minds is a tall order and that's why there will be lots of editing before the project is over. It is not a romance novel and it's not like a film where you can dazzle people with loud noise and special effects. I'll leave that for the major studio that is picking up the film rights.  
   I am open to any suggestions or ideas and we are also seeking suppliers for action figures and accessories for Jennifer, Molly, and the rest of the cast.  Please write to me at:
These projects are never easy!
Thank you very much,