Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The coming of the green mega millionaires

I think I should fill you in on myself first so you will understand where I am coming from and what my experience is. Those details are available here. If it bores you, skip it! http://www.chinadepot.com/aboutusnew.html
The next thing you should know is that the purpose of this blog is to get more people interested in the Alternate Energy Business. Believe me, this time it is no false alarm, and we have to exploit every source of cheap or free energy we possibly can. This blog will go into the reasons why, and how we can realistically accomplish the goal of cheap, clean energy. The people who listen to what I have to say and apply the knowlegde can become the next green energy billionaires.
I will add to this blog as often as possible. Next time I will discuss some possible business opportunities.
Your comments on this blog will be appreciated.
Walt Barrett
copyright 2006

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